This page answers some of the common questions I get from other photographers. If you still have questions, email me and I may be able to help!



A couple of thoughts on buying gear: you don’t need all the things. You can rent equipment to try before you buy, or to tide you over. Avoid the temptation to buy cheap gear that you’ll turn around and resell… work on mastering one thing while you save up for something good. One decent body and one great lens will get you through just about anything (but please have a back-up body and lens when photographing someone’s wedding).

As an aside, after 9 years of shooting with Canon gear, I switched to Sony! This is my kit as of July 2018:



I try to keep things simple in post-production: bright, colourful images and strong black & whites that will hopefully be timeless. I don’t do heavy editing (airbrushing faces, liquefying bodies) or colour-shifting.

  • Photo Mechanic for culling images.
  • Lightroom for the majority of my editing, and RAW to JPG conversion.
  • Photoshop for final adjustments.
  • Batch+ and Storyboard are Photoshop scripts for speeding up my editing and blogging workflow.
  • SmugMug for delivering client images.
  • Táve for client management, including contracts, invoicing, and workflow.
  • Todoist for my to-do list.
  • Moo prints my business cards, gift certificates, and other stationery.



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