Kandise and Andre by Ryan MacDonald

I wasn’t always a photographer. My first career began in a dusty Halifax archive, where I worked with old photographs, describing and preserving them for future generations… Now I make those photographs. It’s funny though, my background in history, sociology, and archives fits perfectly with my life as a photographer. I’m observing and documenting history, traditions, and families. I’m preserving love, laughter, and life.

Maybe that’s sappy, but my style is fun, relaxed, and a little irreverent. I love real moments, and photography with a sense of humour. (I think I’m funny. It will be awkward if you disagree.) I strive to make photographs that are evocative, joyful, and true. They might even make you say “HOLY SHITBALLS!” I want your experience with me to be an easy, honest, wonderful one.

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer for awesome people, and I love what I do.

I’m also a: nerd. beer enthusiast. crossword puzzler. homebody. knitter. tea drinker. ravenclaw. mama. Teal is my power colour. All-time favourite TV includes Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica, Parks & Recreation, and Game of Thrones. I have insatiable wanderlust – 13 countries so far – but my favourite place is my own backyard. I love: cheese. music. kayaking. pub trivia. the blue jays. board games. hot yoga. lens flares. road trips. tulips. fleetwood mac. libraries. long walks by the river. dance parties. good food. adventures. photography.

Kandise Brown is based in Fredericton, New Brunswick and available worldwide.