Behind the Scenes: 2014 Wedding Season

Another wonderful season – my fifth summer of shooting weddings – came to a close a few weeks ago. As usual, I wanted to share some of the behind the scenes action (mostly shot by AG and I, with a couple of shots from Ebony), but to shake things up a bit, this time I included some of the delivered client images that were created in these scenes. Guest stars include lovely second shooter Ebony, and Nick & Dana from Nick Wilson Videography.

At the end of October I was absolutely wiped out. I’d shot more weddings than ever before, and planned and executed our own wedding on top of that. It was stressful, but that’s what makes looking back on this set of images so great: I can see how much my work makes me laugh. This is a great job.

Always with the dogs.

The day my 5D classic died.


Note the cheese cracker-wich.

Always the dogs.