Jaw Surgery: The End (472 Days Post-Op)

Hey guys! My braces are off! And they’ve been off since December so this blog post is only slightly overdue. (What exactly did I do over the winter? It wasn’t write blog posts, apparently.) 16 months have left the details of surgery wonderfully foggy in my mind, and even the fact that I ever had braces seems like a fever dream. If it weren’t for the fact that I still dutifully wear my retainer each night, I’d probably have already forgotten the entire experience. Memories are strange like that.


EATING: I can happily crunch away on nuts, raw carrots, and anything else my heart desires. Some things still make me nervous with their hardness, and I still can’t open as wide as I could pre-surgery, and some foods (like especially chewy bagels) can give me jaw pain, but for the most part I can eat whatever I like, without thinking about it. Ditto with drinking through straws.

PAIN: I never experience jaw pain anymore (except while eating aforementioned especially chewy foods), and I’m amazed and pleased to say that I regained feeling across my entire chin and mouth! There are parts that don’t feel quite the same – I liken it to when your foot is asleep – but at least I know when there’s food dribbled on my chin.

DO I LOOK DIFFERENT?: Simply since removing my braces, not really. Since before jaw surgery… in my opinion, pretty freakin’ different.

WHAT’S NEXT: Now that the gaps in my teeth are closed up and my braces are off, not much! I have what will likely be my last orthodontist appointment next month, and at some point I still need to go back to Halifax so that the surgeon can admire his handiwork, but really, I think that’s it. When I look in the mirror, I no longer see “new me,” I just see “me.”

PS – while my braces were on I made some pretty lofty promises about how I’d always floss once them came off. And hey: I’m doing it.