A Week in Bermuda

Our 4th day in Bermuda, Theron’s father Larry picked AG and me up to start our wedding day work. We told him about all the things we’d seen so far, especially that the previous day we’d walked from our villa to the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo. He said “oh! Y’all are ambitious!” We laughed, because yes technically that is a walk across the island… but it’s only 2.5 kilometres! Hardly an overexertion, but I guess when you grow up on a small island your perception of distance is a little bit different from rural Canada.

We were ambitious though… in our six-day stay we traversed the islands from tip to tip. We kayaked in Somerset; strolled the Royal Naval Dockyards; toured the Crystal and Fantasy Caves; swam with wild tropical fish in Horseshoe Bay beach; sunned on the let’s-be-honest-only-really-kinda-pink sand; climbed the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse; danced with the Gombeys in the Bermuda Day parade. We drank dark ‘n stormies and rum swizzles and admired the view (and laughed at the various road signs that designated certain routes as “scenic,” as if any one road could possibly be prettier than the others). We traveled by bus, ferry, car, foot. We watched the sun set over the horizon, saw the Eastern Bluebirds swoop in and out of their feeder, and listened to the whistling frogs ramp up their evening song. We terrorized the roosters and chickens that run wild; and on the last night in the Spittal Pond Nature Reserve finally captured one of the lizards we’d seen all week on camera. We were very sad to leave, but at the same time entirely satisfied with our trip and having the sense that we had really seen the country.

Here are some of my favourite images from the trip. Our time in Bermuda was so vast that I have a second post planned for tomorrow… and that will have to tide me over until we can go back.