Matt Andersen

It was Friday afternoon and I decided to do one last check of the inbox before swearing off my e-mail for the night. There was a new message: “I’m a musician on the road pretty steady… I’m sure it’s too late to book but wanted to try… really love what you do.” I was like, dude. I know who you are. And then SQUEE! A flurry of emails happened over the weekend, and that’s how I met up with Matt Andersen two days later, on a rainy Monday morning. I’m happy to report he’s every bit as friendly and kind as his reputation, even gamely posing for a fan photo when our session got busted by the fuzz. 😉

A few days later I was visiting my grandparents and they swooned a bit as they asked “this business about you photographing Matt Andersen, was that a joke?” No joke. This is real life.

Thanks, Matt!

Fredericton photographer hibou photoFredericton photographer hibou photo