Fredericton Engagement Photography: Katie + Dave


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Fredericton Engagement Photography: Sam + Drew


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Fredericton Family Portraits: Ginsons


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Joggins Fossil Cliffs Wedding Photography: Justina + Lacey

Motorcycling gawker. “Something old, something sheer, something borrowed, something queer.” Finding fossils (and Batman?) on the beach. One fancy moose. “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not.” Sparklers and firecrackers. First each other, next the world.


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Month in Review: September 2016

September! A month of trying to cram the most end-of-summer fun (admittedly, did awful at the fun list this year) while also trying to stay somewhat caught up on the work of the busiest time of year. And then getting an electrocardiogram at the hospital because I started getting heart palpitations. Good times!

Some portraits I shared: Roseanne, Liam, and Katherine in Charlottetown; seeing Eloise on the outside for the first time in Moncton; helping Brenda + Chris add some photo fun to their wedding anniversary. Plus meeting up again with two Fredericton families: Shasta, Ross, and Archie and the Dean crew. With my calendar winding down for the year – because baby – I also announced some mini sessions, which are sold out! And speaking of baby, seeing my nephew Trenton be born was the most amazing thing. I finally got to do birth photography! Hire me for this again!

Technically I only shot one wedding in September (Justina + Lacey, coming tomorrow!), but I’ve been editing like crazy (I edited 3300 photos last week. Still not finished). A cool thing about the August weddings I shared is that each of them had some special multicultural flair. Amanda + Justin included parts of a traditional Wolastoqiyik wedding in their ceremony; Rachael + Keita brought a bit of Japan to the Maritimes; and Kupa + Mike mashed up England, Malawi, and Mactaquac.

One of our best friends came to stay for a week and we dragged her all over Fredericton and to the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival (where I got kicked a lot). She helped us bake our first ever apple pie! I went on an impromptu mini roadtrip from Campbellton to Lac Matapédia. Celebrated our ninth anniversary by… going to big box stores. A year to the day we closed on our house, we built a crib.




Fredericton Family Portraits: the Deans

The very last day of summer was a spectacular one, and a great way to spend it was reuniting with this quartet.


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Fredericton Family Portraits: Shasta, Ross + Archie


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Our House

It’s been close to a year and a half now since I fell in love with a house. I looked at the MLS page daily, started taking a new walking route just to go by it… we were straight up stalking this house. Viewed it twice, even brought my dad! Imagined our lives playing out within its walls. And just when we’d decided to make an offer, it sold to someone else.

I cried and swore off MLS. But… my self-imposed exile didn’t last long, and a month or two later I was back. And this house was there. At first there were no interior pictures, so I noted it as a potential option but figured it was horrifically deformed on the inside. Next time I checked? Pictures! Not hideous! We made a viewing appointment.

We came, we viewed. We went home to “think about it,” but we already knew. We made an offer at noon the next day and it was accepted by 5 pm.

After that whirlwind decision-making, we moved in one year ago today. A whole year of firsts: Christmas, birthdays, parties. Home improvement projects, decorating, wading into the enormity that is caring for and taming our enormous and wild yard. Making maple syrup from sap we collected in the backyard. Sunsets on our beach. Crackling fires. Trips to every hardware store in town.

After a year, I have absolutely no regrets. I love our house and property. And now we’re preparing to welcome a new roommate to share it with us.


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Fredericton Anniversary Portraits: Brenda + Chris

Brenda and Chris have a cool tradition of getting portraits on their anniversary. And if they happen to be on vacation? Even better! I took them to Killarney Lake to enjoy a late summer sunset…


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Mactaquac Wedding Photography: Kupa + Mike

Meeting in the orchard, in the shade of the apple trees. Pickaxe on the porch for historical value. Malawian flair and flowers. Getting bopped in the head by balloons on your walk down the aisle. Sparklers smoking up the joint. A wandering fiddler in the Kings Head Inn. “Don’t Wait.” Double married.


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