Summer Fun, Revisited

I… what? Summer happened, I know this to be true because I have photos dated 2014 in which the grass is green and so on. Yet it flew by, and part of me wants to claw it back. We had 31 items on our official list of summer super fun times, and actually accomplished a third of those things. Now some of those things we did again and again (like coo over our new niece), and some of those things got thwarted by weather (getting rained out of our only opportunities to catch Hamlet and an Under the Stars flick), and a few things that came up despite not being on the list (driving the Sunrise Trail, catching a FIFA game in Moncton,  one magical weekend where I spent two days in a row with friends), not to mention wedding planning, but still. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my summer, so much as I feel like I didn’t really stop to appreciate it, and if there’s a single lesson I learn again and again, it’s the importance of taking time to prioritize our lives, our interests, and our friends and family. The importance of simply getting outside, away from the computer, to let the sun shine on my face. We have a serious lead on next year’s list.

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Postcards from Alberta

From Calgary to Lake Louise and back again. Tooling around Banff and doing an unplanned 10k hike to a tea house, where we drank café mochas and sat close to the clouds. Snooping around the Chateau Lake Louise. Getting completely run over by chipmunks. Doing laps around the airport trying to figure out where to gas up the rental car. Up to Drumheller to see the hoodoos and the dinosaur bones, pit stop for buffalo burgers & beer in an old saloon, then on to Edmonton for more food, fun, and of course, a wedding. A great trip that went by too quickly!

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Pictou Lodge Wedding Photography: Ceilidh & Rory

Kicking the day off with “The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac.” Blustery winds coming in over the harbour. The flower girl who practiced her technique all morning and then, in the moment, simply upturned her basket of petals into a pile on the aisle. ALL the happy crying. Mid-afternoon barbecued sausage. X-rings everywhere you looked. A proper Cape Breton “square set.” The lovely sound of Inuktitut floating through the background. Two people who are very happy to be married. “Thank You.”

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Killarney Lake Engagement Photography: Megan & Steve

Dreamy light, a fun-loving couple, and a canoe that remained upright at all times. Engagement session perfection.

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Fredericton Engagement Portraits: Melissa & Nick

The original plan involved getting married several months ago. Plans change, and this one changed for a great reason… bringing little Connor into the world. So our shoot was part engagement, part family, all love. The wedding is next month. :)

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Edmonton Wedding Photography: Amanda & Brendan

The kitten – Judith Light – tearing up and down the halls and into boxes and around bouquets. Grabbing a beer in the bar where they first met. Putting coins in the jukebox and punching for Taylor Swift. Tooling around downtown Edmonton looking for parking spaces. Home-sewn napkins. A surprise performance by the Bird family singers. A hush of librarians. Ra-ra-rasputin and dancing until the wee hours. That throaty, head-thrown-back laugh echoing through the hall and through the night. “First Day of My Life.”

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Royal Kennebecasis Yacht Club Wedding: Kady & Seth

Sparkly shoes (one fell into the bay) and giggly girlfriends. “Kady face.” Dressed up boats on the harbour. Navigating photobombers and pigeons in Kings Square. A hypothesis: “lighting all of the sparklers at once will be fun and efficient!” that turned out to be not quite accurate. Squinty-eyed identification of deep-fried things. Slow dancing to Sam Cooke “I Love You (for Sentimental Reasons).” Finding dad just in time for the last verse of their song. Then tearing up the dance floor the rest of the night…

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Magnetic Hill Winery Wedding: Catherine & Marc

“Great weather is our favourite!” Full Catholic mass. Wine & cheese deliciousness. $5 payouts during the speeches. Kissing demonstrations. Every choreographed dance song of the past 15 years. “Together in Faith.”

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Month in Review: August 2014

You can really enjoy something and still be glad it’s over, right? That’s how I feel about August. I went all out, and had a great time, but phew I am tired! 5 weddings, 7 portrait shoots, meetings, and so much editing! That means plenty of fodder for the blog, and so I shared Maggie & Darryl’s glam Hollywood Regency styled wedding, this intimate St. Andrews Algonquin Resort elopement, Amy & Matt’s classic celebration, Alex & Sean’s mid-week party, and Ashley & Brody’s barn-burner of a backyard wedding, plus the two weddings I photographed most recently and have yet to share. Writing all of those out really illustrates what I love about my job… so many weddings, and while certain things are always the same, each is so unique.

I went to Woodstock for John, Kathy, and Colby’s family portraits; Rusagonis for Amanda & Ryan’s engagement; Sackville to roam with Allison & Jason; Yoho to hang with the Quicks; and First Eel River Lake to go boating with Naomi & Dan. You guys really know how to keep things interesting. Meanwhile here at home I met up with Amanda & Tony, the Dickerson bunch, Catherine & Marc’s last-minute engagement; and Michauds in the morning.

With all that work to share, I didn’t make a single personal post all month! AG and I enjoyed a big family reunion in honour of our upcoming wedding (less than 2 months to go! Marriage licence procured!), a day trip to Campobello Island, visits with our nieces, a perfect afternoon at New River Beach, the unexpected opportunity to catch a semi-final math of the women’s under 20 FIFA tournament in Moncton, and most excellently, simple hanging-out time with friends. It’s been a wonderful month, but all things have their season. I’m ready for September, and ready to cool down. Literally AND figuratively!



Yoho Lake Family Portraits: the Quicks

Capturing life the way it is right now. Monkey bars, canoeing on the lake, tossing the mini football, story time. Parents sneaking in some alone time?… okay, we called in reinforcements and set that one up.

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