Montreal Family Portraits: Jill, Fen, and Wallace

When last we met Jill & Fen, they were freshly married at Kingsbrae Gardens. Now as it turns out we never got to Seattle to visit, but fortunately their move to Montréal made that kind of thing a whole lot easier, and just as baseball once brought us together in Toronto, it brought us together again in Montréal. Now they are three, and it looks so good on them.

montreal family portrait photography

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Montreal Rialto Theatre Engagement Portraits: Carol & John

After a long drive to Montreal and a brief stop for falafels, AG and I met up with Carol & John for their engagement session. Unfortunately, it was a nasty, rainy day. Fortunately, Carol had recently completed an engagement at the Théatre Rialto, and was able to get permission for us to shoot there. It was fun to try something completely different, playing with the stage lights and the space… complete with photobomber!

Montreal engagement photography

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Driving Arizona: Flagstaff to Montezuma Castle

Driving the north-south route from Salt Lake City to Phoenix has been one of the most fascinating trips of my life, landscape-wise. This day was jam-packed, as we left the Grand Canyon shortly before noon, and made the winding (and elevated!) drive to Flagstaff, where we made a pitstop at Lowell Observatory and a diversion to Route 66 before carrying on through Sedona, Montezuma Castle National Monument, and finally our destination, the ranch in Wickenburg for the What If Conference.

Williams, Arizona

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The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Even if we hadn’t gotten engaged at the Grand Canyon, I would have thought it was beautiful, special, remarkable. But since we did get engaged there, it becomes part of our personal lore, and thus indescribable. It looks exactly how you think it’s going to look, and yet so much more than that.

Grand Canyon sunset, Arizona

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The New Art of Capturing Love — Contributing Photographer

I am delighted to announce that my photography is going to be included in the upcoming book “The New Art of Capturing Love,” published by Amphoto Books and due for release on May 6, 2014.

The New Art of Capturing Love Contributing Photographer – Press Release

CONTACT: Kandise Brown,


The fastest civil rights advancement in recent memory has a new way to (literally) picture marriage equality. As featured in The New York Times, same-sex wedding expert and president Kathryn Hamm and veteran wedding photographer Thea Dodds of Authentic Eye Photography have a new book out entitled The New Art of Capturing Love: The Essential Guide to Lesbian & Gay Wedding Photography, a groundbreaking visual guide from Amphoto Books available nationwide on May 6, 2014.

When it comes to wedding portraits, what works for heterosexual couples may not work for same-sex couples. The New Art of Capturing Love features a foreword by Grammy award winner Martie Maguire of The Dixie Chicks and Court Yard Hounds, and a collection of 180 same-sex portraits from more than 46 photographers that have been called “the best I’ve ever seen” by Professional Photographer Magazine senior editor Joan Sherwood.

As the first guide to posing, lighting, and sensitively capturing portraits of same-sex couples, The New Art of Capturing Love equips all photographers to master the fastest growing segment in the wedding industry by offering diverse examples of unconventional portraits and new twists on conventional wedding imagery. Detailed commentary from the authors provides a behind-the-scenes look at best practices when working with LGBTQ couples and families.

Said Hamm: “The New Art of Capturing Love would not have been possible without the generous contributions and talents of the many photographers who were willing to share their work with us. We are incredibly grateful to Kandise for joining us on this special journey and thrilled to showcase her work. We hope The New Art of Capturing Love inspires every photographer shooting a same-sex wedding to think outside the box, and to create photos that truly capture the one-of-a-kind magic present at each couple’s wedding day.”

Said Dodds: “The images of Kandise Brown we selected were culled from amongst thousands of candidates. But Kandise’s represented beautifully the answer to three simple but important questions: Are these images authentic? Do these images reflect intimacy? Are these images believable? For any couple–straight or gay–an engagement or wedding portrait should elicit a ‘yes’ to all three questions, as Kandise’s photographs did. That combination of authenticity, intimacy, and believability will be different for every couple, and the wide range of photos of same-sex couples in The New Art of Capturing Love illustrates just how diverse wedding portraiture can, and should, be.”

Said Brown: “I am so excited and grateful to be included in this special collection of images. As we come upon the 9th anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriage in Canada, it is so important to be able to share these images with the world and illustrate that love is love is love.”

The New Art of Capturing Love is the perfect book for:

  • Couples planning their weddings and engagement sessions
  • Photographers interested in branching out to a rapidly-growing new market
  • LGBTQ-supportive friends and family looking for a meaningful shower or wedding gift

HIGH PRAISE for The New Art of Capturing Love:

“Breathtaking, inspiring and (even!) instructive! The perfect gift! Capturing Love breaks new ground for same-sex couples.”
—Steven Petrow, New York Times columnist and author of Steven Petrow’s Complete Guide to Gay & Lesbian Manners

“Completely fresh and moving…an education and inspiration to ALL photographers—no matter who they photograph.”
—Author and photographer Kevin Kubota

“Powerful, beautiful and extraordinarily important for our society.”
— Timothy Chi, CEO of WeddingWire

The New Art of Capturing Love is currently available for pre-order via, Barnes & Noble and Random House. On May 6, 2014, this groundbreaking guide will be available everywhere books are sold.

Saint John Engagement Photography: Amy & Patrice

I drove down to Saint John two weeks ago to meet up with Amy & Patrice for an engagement shoot. A bit of uptown’s great architecture, a bit of hanging out at Rockwood Park with Ruby, and a sunny evening to enjoy it all!

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New Maryland Wedding Photography: Rachel & Kev

When Rachel first wrote me, she admitted that she wasn’t originally planning to have a wedding photographer at all. She & Kev are super non-traditional, and really wanted nothing to do with traditional wedding stuff. In their own words:

“Our “wedding” is more like a party than a wedding. There’s no church, no procession, no bridesmaids or groomsmen, no vows, and no dance floor. I have a black glittery dress. We don’t even have rings. The theme is “sexy video game pixels.” We’re going to have 2 video game stations set up [and] a tray of bacon.”

They may not have been convinced about the wedding photographer thing, but I was sold immediately. It was a lovely evening, and their un-wedding delivered everything that was promised. Except the bacon.

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Moncton Engagement Photography: Stephanie & Tyler

I came from Fredericton, Stephanie & Tyler came from Charlottetown, we met in the middle in Moncton. A fortifying drink at Tide & Boar kicked things off, and then an hour of wandering downtown. I’m so looking forward to heading to the island this summer for their wedding!

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Month in Review: February 2014

Can I admit that I really just want February to be over? I didn’t imagine it would be this way – after all, when the month started we were already off on our great adventure to the American southwest, and on February 2 we got engaged. What a brilliant start to the month! And since we got home there’s been a flurry of wedding planning, Olympics-watching, and student lecture giving, but frankly it all fell apart at exactly the moment Dagobert died, and now I am just going through the motions. I miss him endlessly and on those moments I don’t, I realize that I’m not missing him and then I feel bad about it. Then we were hit by the double-whammy: learning that our other cat, Ophélie, now has the same disease. I want to walk it off, but the sidewalks are slick with ice; there’s nowhere to go. Literally, but figuratively, too.

I think of myself as a happy person and I know that it won’t be that long before I feel happy again. For the moment I can only focus on the good things that happened: photographing Rachelle & Stephen at the ranch in Wickenburg, Stephanie & Tyler’s engagement and Rachel & Kev’s wedding (both are coming soon!). Silly dogs who are all the same, whether they’re in the desert or in the snow. Clinking glasses of champagne while wearing jeans and polar fleece. A surprise excursion to a jazz concert, which was a lovely escape. The unbridled energy of our niece, who always seems happy to see us. Stephanie giving me a collection of Martha Stewart Weddings 8 years in the making, which now I get to thumb through and dream. The days are getting longer, and someday soon it will be warm again.



February in Review Kandise Brown

Phoenix Couple Portraits: Rachelle & Stephen

It was our last night at the ranch outside of Phoenix when Rachelle, Stephen, AG, and I decided that hey, best be doing those shoots we’d talked about! It was a race against the sun, situated in between horseback riding and our last fantastic dinner of the trip. It was game-on, game-off style shooting – a first for me. It was dinosaur-walking, hair-sniffing, foolishness. It was so much fun.

phoenix arizona portrait photography

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