Fredericton Wedding Photography: Erika + Phil

The day started with a car wash. Vows spoken in the garden with the apple and pear trees looming overhead. Stopping for “coffee” at the place they first met. Friends and strangers whizzing by on their bikes. The jaw-dropping wedding surprise! The dancefloor that got way too sexy. All signs pointed to them.

Fredericton Wedding Photographer Kandise Brown

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Fredericton Family Portraits: Bartons

Family Photos Fredericton NB

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Fredericton Maternity Portraits: Sissons Family

Sarah hit that point of pregnancy where suddenly getting a few maternity portraits becomes an urgent need! I love that, and love reconnecting with past clients, so luckily we were able to coordinate getting together with the whole family for a brief little shoot in the park. I took it as a fun challenge to get some great shots in a short amount of time. It was a real whirlwind… and they’re just six weeks away from getting really crazy!

Fredericton Maternity Photos Kandise Brown

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Chipman Wedding Photography: Joanne + Michael

That Newfoundland accent. Bridesmaids that had to go all the way up the dress. Getting flung into the front seat of a Pontiac GTO. “You’d better get that face!!” (but he’d gotten his crying out before the ceremony). Laughing through the ceremony as they promise to talk, not text. The dog that barked at hungry koi fish. Hug stops (and naptimes) for grandmothers. When the answer was “Jigglypuff.” Mother-son and mother-daughter dances. Little penguins everywhere. Two more married people out into the world.

New Brunswick Wedding Photographer

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Month in Review: August 2015

I saw a dozen rainbows in August. Saw them in Bouctouche after AG & I trekked 25km in the sand along the dune. Saw them before, during, and after Amanda + Justin’s engagement shoot and Alicia’s family shoot. Saw them downtown while making our many trips across the walking bridge, and while driving hundreds of kilometres east and west. Saw them in ones and twos, here, there, and everywhere.

August was a big month. I shot and travelled – MonctonCambridgeNarrowsHalifaxWoodstockChipmanGlassvilleMintoPhew – and shared a lot. The end-of-July goodness: Amanda + Tony’s perfect unwedding celebration (complete with blueberry beer), Kate + Greg’s Irishtown hugathon engagement shoot, and Des + Brad’s epic Sackville party. I was on the go so much that I’ve only been able to share about half of what I photographed in August: the amazing Ahmadzadeh family & a return trip to this great family’s lake-side happy place, plus doing battle against swarms of blackflies during Kara + Kyle’s engagement session and the hot dance floor moves at Jenn + Kyle’s wedding! The rest is yet to come!

Meanwhile, AG & I had so many adventures! Lots of hiking (the dune, Maliseet Trail, Internment Camp trail, Dunbar Falls…). Seeing the Masterworks and catching Jaws under the stars (plus the Apollo 13 special feature at Cineplex because I love that movie). Taking the Gagetown ferry and finally figuring out the “beach” part of “Freddy Beach” with a swim at Killarney Lake. Finding ways to rendezvous with family; gorging on delicious eats at the North Side market! I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and immediately set to work rooting out anything that doesn’t spark joy. That’s very necessary, because maybe the biggest adventure of all is the one that’s had us constantly on the phone/in meetings/going off on visits/furiously cleaning our apartment/signing our names over and over again: AG & I bought a house! And in September, we get to move into it… right after we get back from our honeymoon.

Yeah, September is going to be pretty big, too.



New Brunswick Photographer

New Brunswick Engagement Photography: Kara + Kyle

Yet another day where there was rain in the forecast, but we soldiered on. AG & I drove up to Glassville to meet and photograph Kara & Kyle, and it it worked out perfectly. The black flies were the worst I’ve ever seen, but the people were among the best!

New Brunswick Engagement Photography

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Dartmouth Wedding Photography: Jennifer + Kyle

A bird in the bathroom. A 90s playlist for the ages. Getting snagged in the aisle on the way to the altar. The antics of a barbershop quartet. Something something TOMMY HILFIGER! Unlikely paparazzi in the park, and a pseudo-sunset despite the rain. The candy bar that really did fuel some amazing dancing. “Come to Me.”

Dartmouth Wedding Photography

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Magaguadavic Lake Family Portraits: Mitch & Co.

It’s been a few years now since the last time I had the pleasure of meeting up with this family. In that time they’ve grown and expanded and changed, but one thing that hasn’t changed is how NICE they are! I’m not just saying that because they sent me home with muffins that tasted like donuts… but seriously.

Magaguadavic Lake Portraits

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Washademoak Lake Engagement: Amanda + Justin

Behind the scenes: a crew of fire-stoking, marshmallow-providing, kiss-critiquing family members who kept everything running.
Just off camera: thunderstorms and rainshowers rumbling in the distance, but that held off for exactly the amount of time we took to do this shoot.
In front of the camera: just this insane gorgeousness.

Cambridge-Narrows Engagement Photography

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Fredericton Portraits: Ahmadzadeh Family

Fredericton Photographer

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