Fredericton Engagement Photography: Alana & Ed

Great couple, great evening light, cute dog. What else is there to say when everything goes right? Simply… enjoy!

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Grand Lake Portraits: the Kelly Family

Water balloon fights, cake, and some junior acrobatics: the perfect way to get together and loosen up for your family portrait shoot. Happy anniversary to Jim & Gloria, who celebrated their 50th anniversary surrounded by the great energy and joy of their big, loving family!

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Delta Fredericton Wedding Photography: Vicki & Robin

Champagne & lilacs in the early afternoon. Jewelry options. Admiring the view of the river. Walking barefoot through the grass while getting portraits. Showing off Maritime goodness, from lobster rolls and donairs to Highland dancing. Live painting and drone photography. An incredible sunset. “So Glad I Met You.” A party that went well into the wee hours. The “Royal Wedding.”

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Fredericton Family Portraits: the Poffenroths

This shoot was almost a year in the making, and for awhile it looked like the weather could really blow it up: either be one of the hottest days of the year, or a thunderstorm rolling in at any moment. I personally feel strongly that Mother Nature is out to get me where photoshoots are concerned, so imagine my surprise when finally the day (the hour!) and the group of people were able to come together perfectly. Now let me show you a thing or two about silly fun…

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Bear Island Engagement Shoot: Maggie & Darryl

I freely admit that I was a little worried about how this shoot would go, simply because it involved a super early morning and I am… not at my best in the mornings. I should not have worried. Maggie & Darryl, fresh off their flight home from Beijing, showed up ready to perform. We enjoyed a quiet, pleasant morning on the family property (complete with loon sighting!). The wedding is Saturday; it’s gonna be good.

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Magaguadavic Anniversary Portraits: Courtney & Andrew

Three years ago they got married on the front lawn of the family farm, and on Courtney & Andrew’s anniversary we all returned to the scene to capture some portraits of the way life is lately. It’s different for both of us (I was still working full-time as a librarian when I photographed their wedding!) but mostly for them. Married, surrounded by giddy dogs, and what’s that? A squid – okay a human baby, but they call it a squid – who is about a month away from making its debut here in this happy, loving world.

Courtney & Andrew — it was so wonderful to see you again, and I’m over the moon for you. I hope your lives are always this good… or better.

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Charlottetown Wedding Photography: Stephanie & Tyler

Zen masters and starfleet commanders. Double smoked bacon and breakfast for dinner. A ring warming ceremony. “How long will I love you?” Frickin’ freezin’ on the first official day of summer. Staring at the sky to keep the tears in. Instax guestbook. “Live long and prosper.” Booty-shaking. And did I mention the bacon? An exquisitely planned day, and a great couple to spend it with. Stephanie & Tyler — enjoy!

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Postcards from Prince Edward Island

The joke is that I’m PEI’s favourite Fredericton photographer, and I certainly hope it continues. This year’s visit to the island was jam-packed with great people and good times. Already looking forward to next year’s trip.

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Month in Review: June 2014

Whoa, what? How did June fly by so quickly, and since when is the year half-over?

My calendar is lit up like a Christmas tree, and my blog reaps the rewards: I shared Ashley & Hannah’s wedding in St. Andrews, and Robyn & Ross here at Kingswood Lodge. I travelled to Charlottetown to photograph Stephanie & Tyler’s wedding and back home for Vicki & Robin (both coming soon!). Speaking of travelling, I did a one-weekend tour of family portraits: the Short family in SussexRoseanne, Liam, and Katherine in Charlottetown; and the Czettisch family on PEI’s Kensington coast. Meanwhile in Fredericton, I did engagement shoots with Kimmy & Dennis and Jason & Angele, and compiled a list of suggestions for what to wear to your shoot!

June marked 4 months that André and I have been engaged, and four months remaining until our wedding. We’ve taste-tested cupcakes and hired a baker, gone shopping for AG’s outfit, bought my wedding ring (now we have both), wrote and ordered our invitations. I may have also fallen down an Etsy black hole and ordered… um, some stuff. Stuff which is now arriving daily. Here at the half, I’ve just consulted a wedding checklist for the first time in ages, and can confirm that despite some early challenges, things are going pretty well.

I finally caught up on editing my personal photos, which meant I could finally share my images from Arizona, various paddling excursions, and hiking trips. Beyond that, life has been all about frequent walks in the warm evening air; stopping to smell the lilacs; dipping our toes in the ocean. Our neighbour’s cat has taken it upon himself to fill the void in our home, so we are now enjoying multiple visits per day, most days. I caught you up on my post-jaw-surgery life. Once again we visited AG’s family in Moncton and my grandparents at the lake. Sprouted so many new freckles. Signed up for a CSA box from a new farm, and loving it. Ate the world at the Cultural Expressions Festival. Threw down our bucket list of 2014 Summer Fun Times. And since the Blue Jays are still (!) in first (!!) place, I bought yet another novelty t-shirt.

Summer is my favourite.



PEI Family Portraits: Amy, David, Asher, and Ellis

Amy, David, Asher, and Ellis arrived in PEI after a lengthy car-ride from their home in Toronto only the day before our shoot. They barely had time to settle in before I joined them for their first foray to the beach. We dipped our feet in the water, played soccer, dug holes, discovered worms, and …some of us ate sand. It was a great way to spend the afternoon, and I know their vacation on the island is going to be amazing!

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