Behind the Scenes: 2014 Wedding Season

Another wonderful season – my fifth summer of shooting weddings – came to a close a few weeks ago. As usual, I wanted to share some of the behind the scenes action (mostly shot by AG and I, with a couple of shots from Ebony), but to shake things up a bit, this time I included some of the delivered client images that were created in these scenes. Guest stars include lovely second shooter Ebony, and Nick & Dana from Nick Wilson Videography.

At the end of October I was absolutely wiped out. I’d shot more weddings than ever before, and planned and executed our own wedding on top of that. It was stressful, but that’s what makes looking back on this set of images so great: I can see how much my work makes me laugh. This is a great job.

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Month in Review: November 2014

Since I took three weeks in October off from photo editing (for our wedding!), it seems fair that early November was spent working like a maniac to put the 2014 wedding season to rest for good. I shared Melissa & Nick’s celebration in Florenceville-Bristol, Allison & Jason’s season-ending bash in Annapolis Royal, and then a succession of sweet sessions: Alycia & Jason’s apple orchard engagement, Melanie & Adam’s growing little family, Geneva & Tim’s campus engagement, Stacey & Craig’s winter walk of an engagement session in Charlottetown, and this super fun family portrait session with Katrina, Kevin, Tristan, and Liz. Now I’m officially caught up! Huzzah! I ran the stats and was delighted to find that despite the break, and despite shooting more weddings, my delivery time actually went down in 2014!

And now? Our place is sooo clean. You see, because after working diligently to finish all of that editing, I scheduled three weeks of no-shooting onto my calendar to catch up on other stuff. Like scrubbing my oven, for example. Designing client and new sample albums, ordering and assembling product packaging. Considering Mount Receipts, which lords over the office. That kind of thing.

Fun things, too. Brunch and holiday parties with friends. I baked cookies. Put up our Christmas tree (and the first ritual viewing of “Elf” of the season). Finished knitting a pair of mittens I’d started months ago. Lingering over dinner. Quality time with both of our nieces. Long walks in the crisp air. Made photobooks of some of this year’s adventures. A test drive with the new board game (Kingdom Builder). I even finished a book for the first time in months!

It’s been quite the year: exciting, busy, stressful. I have a lot to process about it; a lot of little things I want to do to make my business better, and maybe to make me, better, too. But I suppose I don’t have to think of all that right now. January is for goals and new beginnings. December is for family, coziness, overeating, and crashing on the couch with a movie. I’m in.



Fredericton Family Portraits: the McBride crew

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Charlottetown Engagement Photography: Stacey & Craig

charlottetown engagement photography

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Fredericton Engagement Photography: Geneva & Tim

It seems like the leaves have stuck around about twice as long as they usually do – I’m loving it! Campus was the perfect backdrop for Geneva & Tim’s engagement session.

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Fredericton Family Portraits: Melanie, Adam, Noah, and Bennett

A lot can change in 3 years!

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Annapolis Royal Wedding Photography: Allison & Jason

15 minutes before the ceremony, making the tough call to move it inside, but from there everything was lovely. Little love stories. The cozy “grandpuppy,” Olive. Recreating a decade-old photo with the tightest group of friends. Being serenaded and charaded, courtesy of Craig Cardiff. Playing the “how well do you know their Facebook status updates” trivia game (AG & I won). Wrapping up in fleece blankets and drinking Nova Scotian wine. “Dirty Old Town.”

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Fredericton Engagement Photography: Alycia & Jason

Another one of those sessions where the weather, light, location, and people just clicked to pure magic.

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Florenceville-Bristol Wedding Photography: Melissa & Nick

Three little birds. Party subs and frozen beer. “Merde, il pleut.” Licence plate: happy happy! Connor’s little suit… and his place of honour in the Front row. Learning about bears. Custom baseball bats being wielded around the reception. The dreaded return of the high school yearbook. “Make You Feel My Love.” Shaking our little behinds.

Florenceville-Bristol Wedding Photography

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Month in Review: October 2014

Several times in late September and early October I sent messages to friends saying things along the lines of being busy, needing more time, and being unsure that I’d meet self-imposed deadlines before our wedding. They all said the same thing: focus on the now, and put yourself first. Everything else can wait.

In October I was able to share Jason & Angele’s Moncton wedding (a milestone – my 50th!) and the sweet family session with Shasta, Ross, and Archie, plus shoot three portrait sessions and my final two weddings of the summer season (coming in November!), but this blog was quiet because I finally listened to good advice and took three weeks off from editing photos. I’m glad I did.

Aside from constant travel throughout the Maritimes, and celebrating Thanksgiving with my family, much of October was filled with banalities. Fighting with my printer on a daily basis; knitting furiously on every car ride and deep into the evening in an attempt to finish myriad wedding projects, including my bouquet (finally outsourced to my sister 24 hours before our ceremony); emails and meetings with vendors; giving up and getting our place professionally cleaned (Molly Maid! Call ‘em!); seemingly daily shopping expeditions; packing and ferrying boxes to our wedding venue. Amid all that we found time for fun, like a dinner party with friends, our Cape Breton photoshoot, the return of Tuesday night trivia, and wedding-eve mani-pedis.

Then our wedding day. All of of those banalities and frustrations fell away, leaving only the most emotional, wonderful day of my life. I look forward to sharing more about it with you when we have our own wedding photos!

Afterwards? Packing and ferrying boxes… But seriously. Those happy, giddy feelings have stuck around ever since. Every time I look down at my wedding ring, or look into the fridge and see leftover pie and cupcakes, or when I walked into Chapters and found a pillow with an excerpt of one of our readings on it. When I saw graffiti that said “CROTCH POO!” and thought, I’m going to show this to my husband. Even then.