Mactaquac Wedding Photography: Kupa + Mike

Meeting in the orchard, in the shade of the apple trees. Pickaxe on the porch for historical value. Malawian flair and flowers. Getting bopped in the head by balloons on your walk down the aisle. Sparklers smoking up the joint. A wandering fiddler in the Kings Head Inn. “Don’t Wait.” Double married.


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Moncton Family Portraits: starring Eloise

Eloise, you’re here! And you’re a light!


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Charlottetown Wedding Photography: Rachael + Keita

Nestled amongst the most serene gardens they made their promises. Bubbles filled the air and crickets jumped up the dress. Birds of prey soared overhead. In front of their dearest family and friends, two people from opposite sides of the world bound themselves together.

awesome Charlottetown PEI wedding photography by Kandise Brown

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New Brunswick Birth Photography: Welcome, Trenton

Photographing a birth has been on my wishlist for years now. I got close last year when Azalea came into the world, but missed the actual moment of truth. This time I was much luckier, getting the “it’s go time” call just as I’d gotten into bed at midnight. Instantly I switched into high gear, having a quick “wake up!!” shower and then hitting the highway to Waterville, where I witnessed the most amazing thing.

Welcome, Trenton from Kandise Brown on Vimeo.

Fredericton Wedding Photography: Amanda + Justin

Blending Anglican and Wolastoqiyik traditions. An osprey that flew overhead just before the ceremony, like the one whose feathers decorated their wedding shawl. An attempted photobomb by the mayor (not pictured! Sorry!). Epic speeches. A kissing game that had everyone in stitches. They’re sweet like honey and stuck together, too.


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Fall Mini Sessions!

My friends! It’s almost that time of year and my calendar is pretty near full already (thanks!). I knew this would happen, though, and I kept two Saturdays open to make life (and late pregnancy) a little easier with the addition of mini sessions!

These will be 20 minute sessions in the afternoons of September 24 and October 22. Family portraits, couples, individuals and high-school grads… all are welcome! As with all my sessions, you’ll receive the edited high-resolution images in both colour and black & white through an online gallery. Sessions are $175+tax. Please email me at to book your spot!


Charlottetown Family Portraits: Roseanne, Liam + Katherine

It’s always so good to see you, friends!


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Month in Review: August 2016

Wowza. I can’t believe how quickly August flew by. I guess that’ll happen when you shoot a wedding every weekend, and two of them are in PEI! We actually began the month with a week’s vacation, following a beach weekend with an impromptu New Brunswick Day trip to Hopewell Rocks, Cape Enrage, and Alma (plus finally visiting Riverside Consolidated School, checking off another long-term item on our summer fun list). After exactly one day at home we were off to visit family for two days, and then set out for our first trip to the island. It’s been pretty much all business ever since.

That first island trip included Jenny + Grant’s country wedding, and this great morning family portrait session with Sonjel, Jalal, Violette and Zaynab. The second trip, a mere two weeks later, saw Rachael and Keita get married right on the heels of their Fredericton engagement session; I visited the beautiful downtown shop Garnish; and another lovely family portrait shoot still to come.

Back in Fredericton I witnessed two more beautiful weddings (coming soon!), met Shelley’s family, and saw the Sissons in their new quartet form. Finally, one night I got a midnight phone call and hit the highway to Waterville, where I was fortunate to capture the birth of my nephew. That story is also coming to September’s blog.

Beyond that, my month was mostly about appointments (doctor, dentist, hair!), coordinating deliveries of appliances and baby stuff, and I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that it took until now for me to finish my bookkeeping and take my taxes to my accountant (all filed now, phew). Not the most exciting stuff, but we did manage to catch the Fredericton Royals win their bronze medal in the baseball championships! Go team!

This weekend will be the first that AG and I have spent entirely at home and with no shoots or other commitments since May. With only three weeks of summer to go, it’s beyond time to make a dent in our fun list… or maybe our chore list. Or maybe just take a lot of naps. The third trimester starts tomorrow, too.




Garnish Jewellery | Charlottetown

During my most recent trip to Charlottetown I got to check out Stacey’s shop, Garnish Jewellery. In its new location this business is Stacey’s dream come true, full of beautiful things (including her dog Willow). I also got a front-row seat to some jewellery making processes, which was fascinating to watch…


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Fredericton Family Portraits: Sarah, Blair, Tessa + Kate

Tessa is so proud to be a big sister!


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