My girl. My light.

No part of bringing you into this world was easy or fun. Frankly 95% of your birthday was the worst day of my life. But that last 5%, oh. The part where suddenly you were out here with us and hearts exploded and everything changed. I have found depths of love and patience within me that I’m sure didn’t exist before. Everything you do amazes me; I’m in awe of your strength and cheer. (I think we did a pretty good job on your looks, too.) The way your lips press together and your chin wiggles right before you start to cry shatters me. Seeing you and your papa smile at each other puts me back together. I watch you sleep and am at peace.

The past three months have been a blur. There have been days that seemed impossibly hard and days that passed as if in a dream. We’ve been learning about each other and how this thing is going to work. One thing I know is you’re the best decision we’ve ever made. I can’t wait to show you everything.


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Behind the Scenes | 2016 Wedding + Portrait Photography

Wow, is it ever wild looking back at the year this time. Usually I shake up this post for variety’s sake, but this year I’m leaving them in chronological order sheerly for the amusement of watching my stomach get huge. I have to thank all of my 2016 clients for their kindness and patience, making time for extra water and bathroom breaks. I’m not going to lie, shooting 9 hour wedding days with PGP was not easy (not to mention the hormones, were the mom speeches extra sob-inducing this year or… it was me), but you made it fun.

Next I’ll show you what came out.


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Month in Review: January 2017

Well not to jinx anything, but look who’s writing a timely blog post! And sure my kid is screaming in the background while I do it, but I think this means things are approaching a new version of normal.

After the new year and my birthday, things have really settled into comforting familiarity. We’ve gotten outside for walks, movies, library story time, and well, a human rights protest. Indoor time – and there is so much of it – has been spent reading, watching tennis, snuggling. I vacuumed for the first time since before giving birth, and therefore obviously deserve much praise. I’m slowly getting better at doing everything one-handed.


Month in Review: December 2016

I was really impressed with myself for getting this month in review post up earlier than last month’s but… er, no. It’s a day later. Oops.

Since I did no work at all in December, it was obviously all about the holidays. It was a cold and snowy month, so cozying up with a baby and a glass of Baileys was easy to do. We enjoyed a lot of time with family, even pulling off our traditional cross-province Christmas travel. At the end of it all we rang in the New Year, quiet and exhausted on the couch with takeout pizza and beers.

Usually at this point in the year I have big goals for myself, but this time I’m trying to take it a little easier. It’s time to watch her grow.



Month in Review: November 2016

Well hey, this post is overdue and I beeeeeeet you can guess why!

The first half of November was all business, as I photographed my final wedding of 2016 – Caitlin + Travis’s library nerdfest – and hunkered down to edit and deliver all of my work. I shared my mini sessions, and Lise + Duncan’s windy engagement session. Then pretty much the second my business work was complete, I had a baby!

Birthing a baby: a pretty terrible time.

Having a baby: a pretty great time.

The past three weeks have flown by and despite the fact that I already missed out on booking a wedding because I could not respond to my emails fast enough, I’m adapting. The progress is not linear; some days are great and some days I’m crying from exhaustion before ever getting out of bed. I’ve taken over a thousand photos of her already (not an exaggeration) and in classic “cobbler’s children have no shoes” form, almost exclusively with my phone. We put up the Christmas tree and are hunkered down for this cold and snowy holiday season with nothing to do but snuggle.




Moncton Wedding Photography: Caitlin + Travis

Hugs from strangers because “60 years or more!” Champagne in the limo and wino waves in the streets. Trekking through the mucky fields. Starting the ceremony with a selfie. Getting blinded by science. Books and video game controllers. “Bobcaygeon.” Party bus!

Ed note: being enormously pregnant for this wedding, I invited my friend Caro along as back-up. She took some of these. It was so great to have you, Caro!


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Fredericton Family Portraits: Nicole, Ryan, Emmett + Eleonore


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Fredericton Engagement Photography: Lise + Duncan


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Fredericton Family Portraits: Vanessa, Sean, Jack + Olivia


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Fredericton Family Portraits: Melissa, Chris + Coraline


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