Magnetic Hill Winery Wedding: Melissa & Adam

Non-stop laughing, high fives and thumbs-ups. The bride in Birkenstocks. Midday McDonald’s break. Doing the Blue Steel. A shared towel for sweat and tears. “Home.” S’mores and sparklers. Writing messages for happy future anniversaries. Sunset with an amazing view. Hula-hoops and mini putt putt. Sneaking away for some quiet time. Blowing everyone away with a surprise gender reveal of the little Clarksonault to be. (“It’s a…!!”)

Moncton Wedding Photographer

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Happy Canada Day!

Enjoy it!

Fredericton Photographer

Fredericton Photographer

Month in Review: June 2015

Another month that flew by… indeed, six months that flew by! I can’t believe that as of tomorrow we’re already in the back half of 2015. Time to consult the year’s to-do list and panic!

I’m now entering the heart of wedding season, with Sarah & Mike’s destination wedding to PEI on the blog, and two more celebrations – in Moncton and Charlottetown, but fun fact, each went to McDonalds – still to come. Plus anniversary sessions! Ebony & Craig celebrated two years together, while Stephanie & Tyler (again, still to come!), celebrated their first.

AG & I got started on our third annual summer fun list, and enjoyed plenty of kayaking, soccer & baseball matches, beer and the Bard at Romeo & Juliet, a family BBQ, snuggles with cat and nieces, even a long walk on the beach. We dipped our toes in the “buying a house” pool and quickly got our hearts broken, so who knows what’s going to happen next… but all in all, a pretty good start to the summer!



Fredericton Photographer

Woodstock Anniversary Portraits: Ebony & Craig

When I’ve needed an additional shooter to join me in the past, I’ve called on Ebony… so I was really happy that to celebrate her 2nd anniversary with Craig, she called on me! We battled killer mosquitos, reined in crazy dogs, avoided some suspicious three-leaved plants, side-stepped fishing children, and did some major pothole-avoidance on our country bumble. The reward at the end: ice cream!

Woodstock Portrait Photography

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The Official List of Summer 2015 Super Fun Times in New Brunswick

Summer Fun in New Brunswick

Summer is officially here! That means it’s time for the third annual summer fun list, wherein AG & I attempt to strategize how we’re going to spend our few free summer weekends and luxurious evenings. It’s an ambitious list and we never manage to check off everything (in fact last year we didn’t even hit the half-way point), but the fun is just to try. This year we even got a head start, knocking some actions off our list before I managed to publish it!

PEI Destination Wedding: Sarah & Mike

A destination wedding to the gentle island. Black cats that did not cross our path. Last minute change of venue, to Anne of Green Gables Museum! Champagne & chocolate. Getting blown away at Cavendish beach. Talking to a man about a horse. Seeing or not seeing creatures in the harbour, depending on who you ask. All the seafood you could possibly eat. Sneaking out for some moonlit portraits. “Like A Star.”

Prince Edward Island Photographer PEI

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Month in Review: May 2015

As I write this, I’m bundled in three layers. Two pots of tea deep. I was wearing a toque at one point. Maybe I jumped the gun on the whole “weather creeping toward warm” thing, but all the same, May definitely had its moments. The beginning of wedding season, for one! Megan & Steve’s joyous celebration at Kingswood Lodge was a great way to kick off the year, and I can’t wait to share Sarah & Mike’s destination PEI wedding tomorrow! Another fun-loving session was Jill & Dan’s engagement on the trails, and needless to say, winning a Junebug award was one of the highlights of the month.

AG & I finally took the kayaking skills course we’d hoped to do last summer… it was intense, we kiiiiind of hated it at the time, but now we’re really happy to have done it, and anxious to get back on the water on our own terms soon. Also? First ride on my new bike, plenty of long walks, first visit to the camp, I tried (and failed at) a 30 day yoga challenge, and we rolled the odometer to 100,000. A clean slate and fresh adventures await.




Fredericton Photographer

Junebug Weddings “Best of the Best” Engagement Photography Winner

I got amazing news last week! One of my images from Kimmy & Dennis’s downtown Fredericton engagement session was chosen from over 6000 entrants to be among 50 winners of the annual “Best of the Best” engagement photography contest hosted by Junebug Weddings.


Award-winning Fredericton engagement photography by Kandise Brown

The collection is a truly stunning set of images from photographers around the world (including Nordica Photography, who have shot André & I!), chosen by an amazingly accomplished quartet of successful and renowned photographers. This is my first proper peer-reviewed image award and it makes me proud.

Of course, almost immediately after discovering this news I read a response that basically said “awards are bullshit and will give you a huge ego and stifle your creativity and make your work look like everyone else’s”… (of course, the photographer who said this gives workshops…). But still. Ouch.

I’ve been ruminating on that for a week now. That photographer might be on to something: awards are a little bit bullshit for various reasons, and I’ve certainly been on the losing side of a competition more often than not.* For every photo in this collection, over a hundred more didn’t win, and I’m sure most of them were pretty great. (7 of the losers were mine as well.)

*literally every other time. *cough.*

When I first looked at this collection I felt like my image stuck out like a sore thumb. Part of that was probably imposter syndrome, and part of that was that it actually is different. You can see the faces of both subjects! The colours are vivid and the contrast is high! No spectacular landscapes or gorgeous light here, just a sidewalk in downtown Fredericton. I love the other images in the collection, but I never thought in a million years that one of my photos would be alongside them because of how off-trend my work can be. So not only am I proud, I’m reassured that us small-market, geologically-bereft photographers still have a chance. All it takes is a great client, some serendipity, and a true connection. Make ’em laugh. Make pictures the way you want to want to make pictures, then risk rejection and keep submitting, because you never know.

(My ego IS huge now, though. They were right about that.)

Fredericton Wedding Photography: Megan & Steve

Earring admiration. Bratzoid. Picking up every leaf and twig in Odell Park with 50 pounds of tulle. A blind-folded, be-sunglassed first look by firing squad. Dodging disc-golfers during portraits. Ranking PDA. “You Are The Best Thing.” Mother-son choreography.

…and the flower girl “high-fived” me right in the crotch. It was a party.

Fredericton Wedding Photography

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Fredericton Engagement Photography: Jill & Dan

Jill & Dan made the drive from Moncton for their engagement shoot. I did the Fredericton Hospitality thing of taking them on a guided tour of some walking trails… we got 10,000 steps and just about as many laughs.

Fredericton Engagement Photography

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