Month in Review: July 2015

Nearly every day someone asks me if I’m busy. I probably just sigh dramatically, but the answer is certainly yes! Nearly every day I shoot, edit, or write. I shared Melissa & Adam’s Magnetic Hill winery wedding and exploits in Charlottetown with Stacey & Craig and Stephanie & Tyler, as well as the Smith family’s portraits just to share the work I did at the end of May. Then for actual July I shot 4 weddings in 3 weekends… in 3 cities. That was something! Alycia & Jason rocked the Fundy coast, Naomi & Dan were classic in the city, and the celebrations of Amanda & Tony and Desiree & Bradley are still to come. The Armstrong family wowed me at sunset, the Holt family prove that a 10am shoot is totally doable if you can be this loving. You’re definitely keeping me busy, and I’m having a lot of fun with it!

Meanwhile, it’s important to close the computer sometimes and make sure that I’m making the most of summer. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like I’m achieving that… until I review the evidence. There were fireworks and the Fundy trail, kayaks and beer and a baby birthday party. I got a haircut. We experienced power outages, internet outages, and my laptop melted down. (Okay, none of that last bit was fun.) I took AG to Magic Mike XXL and he took me to Zappa Plays Zappa because that’s how this marriage works. We re-dipped our toes in the “buying a house” pool and this time we’re in it to win it. We hiked every major trail in Odell Park, cracked bottles of rosé, and I’ve checked out a half dozen books from the library because I seem to think that at some point I’m going to drop all that other stuff to sit back and read them. Maybe this weekend. Maybe I’ll find a beach.



Fredericton Photographer

New Brunswick Scenes

This summer already seems to be flying by. AG & I have been busy with the heart of wedding season, and then suddenly found ourselves in the process of buying a house (!!!). That’s added about a million more appointments to our schedule (and please cross your fingers that everything goes well!), but we’re still trying to devote time & energy to the summer fun list. We saw several minke whales in Saint Andrews, battled the fog on a visit to the Fundy Trail Parkway, pet sting rays, and discovered a completely new-to-us trail system outside of Woodstock… to say nothing of revisiting the Oktoberfest platter at the Old Bavarian. Mmm.

We still have (at least!) two months of warm weather fun times ahead of us… let the #explorenb adventures continue!

Fredericton Photographer

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Fredericton Family Portraits: Holts & Co.

It’s been a few years now since I last met up with the Holt family, and in that time they’ve gained a new member in wee Paige, a new house, and as we shot more family and even some neighbourhood kids got to be included in this big loving life they’re creating. The weather was grey and humid but everyone’s spirits were high!

Family Photography Fredericton NB

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Fredericton Wedding Photography: Naomi + Dan

Buffing boots. Flower girls showing off their strawberry-filled smiles. Twirling pink and white umbrellas for the rain that (fortunately) didn’t come until late in the day. Riding around town in the enormous limo. Sneaking an early kiss and a thumbs-up to the crowd. “Home sweet home.” A surprise performance of a personalized “Danny Boy.” Their love is now in plenty of photographs.

Fredericton Wedding Photography

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Algonquin Resort St. Andrews Wedding: Alycia + Jason

Bouncing blonde ringlets. Happy dogs doing tricks. (Getting posed by a stranger who came out of nowhere, ahem.) Candles burning against a very light Fundy fog. Visiting the old family homestead, snuggling under the tall old trees. Walking down to the ceremony site. All kinds of sobbing. Kicking off the shoes and striking out for the rocky point. Tables named after the fabled haunts of St. Andrews. “Nice bum!!” Aunts ranking each other’s moves on the dancefloor. Po-tinis and a late night poutine bar! “All of Me.” Letting go; getting wed.

Saint Andrews NB Wedding Photography

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Fredericton Family Portraits: the Armstrongs

It was my first time shooting at Odell Park’s Botanic Gardens and I have to wonder why I’ve never come here before! Beautiful light and so much life and love in this family made it a perfect evening of shooting.

Fredericton Family Portraits


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PEI Wedding Photography: Stacey & Craig

Searing sun on a gorgeous day. The bartending bride. Ospreys and eagles soaring overhead. Handmade wedding rings. Furbaby in a flower crown. Bubbles & sangria. Going barefoot at the beach. Getting checked out on Victoria Row. A dessert table for the ages. Sneaking away for some quiet portraits. Rocking out with the Love Junkies and getting called up on stage to sing “You Got It.” You got this.

Charlottetown PEI Wedding Photographer

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Fredericton Family Portraits: Smith Family

Fredericton Family Portraits

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Charlottetown Anniversary Portraits: Stephanie & Tyler

One year has flown by! Stephanie & Tyler decided to mark their first anniversary by getting back in front of my camera, and I’m so glad they did! They claim to not be “nature people,” but with this gorgeous trail system developing literally in their backyard, maybe we’ve done a little to change that.

Prince Edward Island Photographer PEI

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Magnetic Hill Winery Wedding: Melissa & Adam

Non-stop laughing, high fives and thumbs-ups. The bride in Birkenstocks. Midday McDonald’s break. Doing the Blue Steel. A shared towel for sweat and tears. “Home.” S’mores and sparklers. Writing messages for happy future anniversaries. Sunset with an amazing view. Hula-hoops and mini putt putt. Sneaking away for some quiet time. Blowing everyone away with a surprise gender reveal of the little Clarksonault to be. (“It’s a…!!”)

Moncton Wedding Photographer

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