Month in Review: November 2018

Woof. Winter came early this year, friends. Therefore, appropriately I spent the month alternating between Holiday Hype festivities and tackling some major (and some minor) projects. I finished all of my editing and shared Sarah + Kyle’s Saint John skyline wedding, which also happened to be the 100th wedding of my career.

While doing that, my dining room (where I do 90% of my work, to be quite honest) was in complete disarray as I tackled the aftermath of having a door put where there was previously no door: staining wood, spackling, testing paint colours, and getting three coats on and furniture in situ mere hours before having friends and family over to celebrate Z’s second birthday. Add in a couple of light fixture installations and you can picture me patting myself on the back for my own handiness.

Speaking of which, I dug out my sewing machine for the first time in two years to complete the year-long project that was Zara’s solstice countdown calendar. That led me down a whole rabbit hole of buying a new-to-me sewing machine and now I want to take up sewing or something.

Other things I made pictured below: this one morning I made an absolutely exquisite eggie-in-a-basket for a completely unappreciative child.

There was fireside-reading-by-headlamp during a power outage; a jaunt to Moncton to see the Olympic figure skating team on tour; a certain little someone “graduated” from her first gymnastics class and we all rewarded ourselves with Sweet Belgian Desire; we had two brunch dates with friends; the Christmas tree and lights went up; we enjoyed the Santa Claus parade and a meal downtown; and apparently we went for a walk at some point.

I blasted my to-do list and I’m right where I want to be for December: a space where the most pressing concern is do I bake cookies today, or wait until the weekend?