Month in Review: October 2018

Typically I feel a little bit taken aback at the beginning of each new month, but this time it’s a bit different. The beginning of October doesn’t feel like it was yesterday. Rather, it feels like it was months ago.

I photographed my 100th wedding, enjoyed a family Thanksgiving, and drove to Cape Breton in the space of 48 hours. We took a week’s vacation prior to our 4th wedding anniversary and enjoyed some relaxing tourism. There was snow and then there wasn’t. Our house was under some serious construction (new roof, a five foot hole made and filled with a new door, and I’ve spent a week with stain and spackle, oh and we rearranged a room). Z caught a cold that has lasted over a week, and between the two of us half a dozen healthcare appointments happened. I started and failed to finish Inktober. There was some yard cleanup. We hosted a friend for a few days. I did some portraits – Debi’s headshots, Sam’s birthday portraits, and shared Heather + Jeremy’s wedding celebration. We went to a birthday party. Halloween happened!

It was busy and a lot of balls are currently in the air. My preference is to enter the December holiday season with a pretty clear calendar, which means November is for finishing projects: the editing, the room painting, the personal craft I started back in January… all of that stuff suddenly has deadlines. Plus, Z’s second (!!) birthday is almost here. Time to buckle in and get things done.