Month in Review: September 2018

Is it possible that September went by even faster than August? It feels like last week that I was in PEI to photograph Catherine + Mike’s dramatic cliffside engagement shoot, and then meet up with our friends Rosey, Liam and Katherine for brunch and portraits. We glamped in a yurt, finally saw the teacup rock at Thunder Cove Beach, and made the requisite pitstops at Upstreet and Receiver.

I blasted up to Woodstock to do a couple of family portrait sessions, shared Elizabeth + Jeremy’s St. Martins bay-side wedding, and then photographed still more Jeremys whose sessions are forthcoming. I edited thousands of photos in September! So many that I got a repetitive strain injury in my hand and spent a week wearing a brace and NOT editing. Ah well.

September bears summer’s last gasps, and so it included kayak trips (our first family kayak trip!), happy hour milkshakes, and our last outdoor swim of the year. I went to Dari Delite on the last day of the season, and we hosted our annual backyard party. I turned off the air conditioning and started the first fire in the same week, and just like that it was goodbye summer, hello fall. AG + I were front row for the marvelous Mavis Staples, and Z thoroughly enjoyed strutting through streams of people during the Harvest Jazz & Blues street festivities. We took our first Sunday leaf-peeping drive, and made our last excursion to the Owl’s Nest Bookstore. Went to Kings Landing and the NBEX. I crafted with friends. AG and I marked our 11th anniversary. And of course, last night we were among the legion of parents toting our tot to The Wiggles concert. Life comes at you fast.

To October!