Month in Review: August 2018

2858 kilometres travelled.
9 nights spent away from home.
25,000+ photos taken.

That’s one story of August, the one where it was my busiest work month of the year (I edited photos all but 5 days in August. [I photographed weddings 5 days in August.]) and there was a constant flurry of packing and unpacking suitcases, backing up thousands of images to hard drives, trying to keep the machine running and everyone happy. And frankly I was incredibly productive, sharing my first PEI visit of the summer in the form of Meaghan + Jeff’s Spry Point celebration and the vivacious trio of Vivi, Ziggy, and GoGo (and their parents, though I’m not in the know on their surely fantastic nicknames! ). I was in St. Andrews for Grant + Christina’s classy garden ‘do, and then practically to the other side of the province to capture Marie-Michelle and Daniel’s intimate backyard fête, and then back to St. Andrews for Ashleigh + Jérémie’s barn-burner. After that I photographed Elizabeth + Jeremy’s Fredericton engagement and Saint Martins wedding in the same week (and yes if you’re keeping track as I eased into the first week of September you might notice that I shot weddings with grooms named Jeremy/ie three weeks in a row and yes it did kind of mess with my brain).

But I’m not an all-work-and-no-play kind of girl so it’s certainly not the only story of August. It was also a month of beach days, play dates (not all of which got a corresponding photoshoot like this excellent near-anniversary one with Laura, Ian, and Hazel), and gardening. We visited the Village historique acadien. I took my girl for an impromptu mid-day mid-week bike ride. We tried new restaurants. I had a paint date, completed several watercolour sketches and read a whole-ass book. We did family visits and a birthday party. A crab tried to attack me. I got a massage!!

It was good, it was fast, it was long, it was… way too hot a lot of the time? We’re in September now, edging into a season that’s perhaps my favourite and that is busy for reasons that are sometimes the same and sometimes different, but for now it is STILL SUMMER and I personally plan to act accordingly.




2018 August month in review behind the scenes wedding photographer