Month in Review: July 2018

I wanted to write this post before starting August with a week-long vacation, but I didn’t get a chance and now whoops, even August is half over.

…Oh well!

July was a delight. I kept a light work schedule: photographing Kristy, Michael, and Will in Odell Park, and getting some snuggly newborn shots with Corinne, Adrien, and baby Teddy. I designed a couple of albums, and shared my shots from Eliza + Andrew’s library loving engagement and Jasmine + Steve’s banger of a St Andrews wedding. I sold my Canon cameras and wrote about my decision to switch to Sony. I entered my busiest time of year with no backlog of work whatsoever, and I’m pretty proud of that.

I had to keep it light because the vacation vibes were plentiful. I started the month by celebrating Canada Day in Halifax, and ended it with a lake swim on one of the many, MANY ridiculously hot days we experienced in July. I managed my first stint of multi-day solo parenting while AG did a work trip, which I for some reason combined with painting our bedroom. We enjoyed a day trip to Saint John for the Reversing Falls, visiting a Stonehammer Park, and eating at Thandi; family camping at Kouchibouguac; gardening, kayaking, birthday parties, watching the World Cup, and drinking beer. We hit a ton of restaurants and I tried to balance that with dipping my toes back into the world of hot yoga after a three year hiatus. I got glasses and a haircut and took a lot of selfies!

August is shaping up to be more of the same, but you know, with 5 weddings.