2018 Goals + Resolutions


Are you familiar with the practice of choosing a guiding word for the year? Sort of a mantra or motto on which to focus your energy and your thoughts? In a previous year, I chose “forward.” This year, I choose “nourish.”

  • to nurture
  • to promote the growth of
  • to furnish or sustain

2018 will have its milestones. I have just turned 35. I am entering my second decade of life with AG. I will photograph my 100th wedding. These are milestones of endurance and stability, the bedrock of a happy life. With this foundation, I have the privilege to approach 2018 with the mindset that I have enough and that I am enough. That everything I need is already within (my person, my family, my home, my business), it just needs to be tended.


  1. My biggest goal for the year is both vague and all-encompassing. It’s to practice self-care, and I don’t mean the kind that’s just spending an entire weekend in your pyjamas and never seeing the sun or another human. It’s the keeping a budget, being frugal, paying off debt, going outside daily, doing yoga, meal planning version. #adulting
  2. Read 24 books and do the Read Harder challenge.
  3. Finish our bedroom decor (paint the room, get new dressers, probably a new light, reframe and hang prints).
  4. Cook a recipe from each cookbook. Evergreen goal.
  5. Be the FREX Grand Champion Knitter! (Haha! On the list for the 5th straight year!)


  1. File my taxes on time. This is completely embarrassing, but while I’m good at paying my taxes (because I pay quarterly instalments), the past two years I’ve been abysmal about filing on time.
  2. Focus more energy on Instagram: post regularly and use hashtags!
  3. Submit my work for publication and to competitions.
  4. Read a photography or business book monthly.
  5. Virtually attend the Way Up North conference!

Things I am (still) thinking about: outsourcing editing, completely changing gear, mounting some kind of exhibition of work (ugh but what?! I have so much!), and finishing my edits from Peru and Iceland…


What are your goals? Do you have a guiding word for 2018? I’d love to hear about it.