Month in Review: September 2017

As expected, September was a huge learning curve and adjustment. Working from home is one thing; working from home with an active baby-almost-toddler around is an entirely different thing. Naps are short, the to-do list is long, and I maybe had a meltdown mid-month wondering how I was supposed to get anything done ever again. In the end I did what I always do: make it work. And sure, making it work involved staying up until 2, 3, even 4 am every night for a week, but I pulled it off, got back on track… and got to spend the last weekend at the Algonquin without my laptop as a reward. Nice!

I shared Kathryn + Taylor’s wild party in Bathurst and Grant + Christina’s sunset magic in St. Andrews. I said goodbye to the summer wedding season with Katie + Dave’s epic dance party and hello to fall family portrait season with the Burtts in their natural habitat. I got to be part of Hannah + Jordan’s New Brunswick vacation and other shoots yet to come. After spending the entire year thinking I wouldn’t partake of the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival I ended up in the tents every night with a media pass! And the next day when I sat down to recover with a copy of The Maritime Edit I’d purchased ages ago, I found one of my photos inside. That was cool.

We did our best to knock things off the summer fun list before it was too late — disc golf and beach picnic and the final stop on our local brewery tour — and then I maaaaybe wrote one for fall. I sat in my backyard for over an hour one night, taking photos of the rare display of northern lights. We hosted friends and family hosted us. Kings Landing (brown bread!), Doors Open Fredericton (why didn’t *I* get in the fire truck?), the NBEX. We toured Minister’s Island, feasted like kings at the Algonquin, and I rocketed down that waterslide. Twice. AG and I celebrated ten years together.

I wore a scarf and drank a pumpkin spice latte at the same time. Fall. It’s happening now.