Month in Review: August 2017

3296 kilometres, that’s what we drove in August. From the Southwest Head of Grand Manan to Forillon National Park at the tip of Gaspésie. From Woodstock to Cape Jourimain to Bathurst to Fundy and a pit stop at Advocate Harbour, we covered a lot of ground. Suffice to say I’m pleased and lucky to have a baby who so far is content in the car. It really works with our lifestyle!

August was our final month of AG’s paternity leave, and we spent it working hard (days I edited photos until my eyes literally twitched) and playing hard. Birthday parties, brewery hopping, the zoo, concerts in Officer’s Square, swimming at Killarney Lake. Our first ever family camping trip (beautiful! Otentiks are so convenient!), and then capping this whole wonderful four months off with some family portraits.

On my normal side of the camera I photographed Patricia + Andrew’s uptown wedding celebration, as well as those of Kathryn + Taylor and Katie + Dave yet to share. I caught Meaghan + Jeff under Confederation bridge, Jasmine + Steve under the watchful eye of their pup, and went wandering with Grant + Christina at low tide (still to come). The Dows ferried me to their private island and Michaela told me all about her hopes and dreams. Plus I shared some film shots from Iceland because why not?

September will be yet another reset, a new iteration of normal as AG returns to work and I am left with a home-based business on one hand and an active almost-toddler on the other. It may not always go smoothly but I bet it will always be interesting. And so a new season begins.