The Official List of Summer 2017 Super Fun Times in New Brunswick

2017 summer fun list

My friends, it is that time again! I present to you our fifth annual summer fun list, an ode to good times in New Brunswick (and beyond). Of course the big difference is this year there’s a Baby on Board. As ever, we have a pretty full calendar of photoshoots and house/yard work, but now we’re also beholden to the sanctity of nap time! But on the flip side, we’re very lucky that this summer AG is on paternity leave, giving every day a kind of weekend vibe. As is tradition, the summer fun list is half-full of the things we never got around to last year, but all the same I’m taking more suggestions, especially of the “fun with baby!” variety!

  • visit a Stonehammer park
  • camping at Forillon National Park (Aug 20-22)
  • have a beer at each brewery in town
  • go to a drive-in movie
  • East Grand Highlands Hiking Trail
  • take Z to the splash park
  • Fredericton Royals game
  • Changing of the Guard (Aug 25)
  • enjoy the Canada 150 celebrations downtown (July 1)
  • have a backyard party (July 23)
  • have a backyard beach picnic (Sep 2)
  • go kayaking!
  • go to a pig roast (June 17)
  • berry picking
  • have a bonfire (Aug 21)
  • get happy hour milkshakes
  • find a salamander!! (anyone have hot leads on salamanders? we’ve been on the lookout for 5 years now)
  • go to the beach (July 26)
  • go swimming at Killarney Lake (Aug 16)
  • watch the Fredericton Pride parade (Aug 13)
  • Advocate Harbour (Aug 4)
  • play disc golf (Sep 3)
  • play tennis
  • go on a hike (Aug 7)
  • Quebec City??
  • Under the Stars film series