Month in Review: May 2017

May was kind of amazing. An overlapping first month of AG’s paternity leave and last month of my maternity leave (I only photographed Rowan’s sweet birthday session) made it feel like an extended vacation. A vacation with a LOT of yard work (I’m starting to lose count but I believe we put out 55 bags, to say nothing of how I spent 3 straight days mowing…). We traveled east to west visiting family. Caught Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at the theatre. Went to a lot of library programs. Marked the half-birthday of the greatest baby on the planet (endured the related sleep regression). Hit the farmer’s market. Planted a vegetable garden. Went to the park. Enjoyed my first Mother’s Day (it was so good, you guys. Breakfast in bed, brunch with friends, mimosas, flowers, a comically large card, family walk, and a piece of art that will be the centre-point of my office. The bar for Father’s Day is set high.) Went on so many walks. Kicked back in the hammock. Barbecued. Put up a clothesline and a bat house, took down more trees. I read most of one book! It was perfect, and we’ve been so happy.

Not that I didn’t do ANY work. I’ve been updating my portfolios, setting up a new client management system, launched a new business-facing instagram account, and still working on that office refresh and The Beautiful Mundane. I’m getting all my ducks in a row because wedding season begins this month!