Month in Review: March 2017

Hi, my name is Sick to Death of Snow. You can tell by how March included drinking on the porch when it was only 8 degrees and a trip to the greenhouse because my daughter had still not seen real live foliage. (And then bringing a lot of the greenhouse home. Desperate times, desperate measures!)

But hey, March! Apparently we went out to eat a lot. It didn’t seem like in the moment but now I have a better idea why the “baby weight” is still firmly attached. I’m baking bread. I did DIY sewer line maintenance. Went to a library program to learn more about gardening. Saw “Beauty and the Beast” (imperfect but I still loved it and maybe could not resist quietly singing along into my daughter’s ear like every other mom there). Did the tour of families. Shared my best of 2016 and my latest collaborative photography project. Continued working on my actually-printing-photos project. Did some spring cleaning. Most exciting of all? Shot my first wedding since giving birth. It was great! It’s coming soon!