Month in Review: November 2016

Well hey, this post is overdue and I beeeeeeet you can guess why!

The first half of November was all business, as I photographed my final wedding of 2016 – Caitlin + Travis’s library nerdfest – and hunkered down to edit and deliver all of my work. I shared my mini sessions, and Lise + Duncan’s windy engagement session. Then pretty much the second my business work was complete, I had a baby!

Birthing a baby: a pretty terrible time.

Having a baby: a pretty great time.

The past three weeks have flown by and despite the fact that I already missed out on booking a wedding because I could not respond to my emails fast enough, I’m adapting. The progress is not linear; some days are great and some days I’m crying from exhaustion before ever getting out of bed. I’ve taken over a thousand photos of her already (not an exaggeration) and in classic “cobbler’s children have no shoes” form, almost exclusively with my phone. We put up the Christmas tree and are hunkered down for this cold and snowy holiday season with nothing to do but snuggle.