Month in Review: June 2016

Summer is officially underway! June kicked off with a great roadtrip to Boston, where we caught Beyoncé and the Blue Jays, stayed in Brookline, ate Banh Mí and bagels, and basically did everything that starts with “B.” Wedding season began in earnest, kicking off with Kara + Kyle’s celebration, and then taking me to St. Andrews to party with Laura + Ron. Jenn + Dan’s month-ending dance party is still to come!

Other session prettiness: foggy coastal engagement love with Shawn + Bronwyn, and thunderstorm-evading Moncton love with Melissa + Will. Various life moments captured: Brittany expecting her first baby; Julia + Juan toting their first baby; and Shelley with the new business headshots!

Speaking of life moments, one of our biggest ones was on Father’s Day when AG & I finally got around to telling the world that we’re expecting a plus-one of our own this fall! We’ve been basking in the love ever since.

Our summer fun list went live, and we starting crossing things off the list before it was even posted. A sunny evening at the ballpark; brunch with friends; swimming with family; relaxation on the beach; schnitzels as big as our heads. One night we walked down to the water to enjoy sunset and got swarmed with thousands of newly hatched dragonflies. It was a unique experience, and we’re off to a great start.