Month in Review: May 2016

Back in the swing of things, and just in time! I only got one portrait session up on the blog – a sweet birthday shoot with Rowan – but photographed four more sessions in the last week of the month, which will all be coming shortly. Other appointments and family visits helped the month go by quickly.

Also, hey! May marked the 7th anniversary of launching my photography business!

I’m loving the process of discovering what things are planted around our house (it’s fully meadow in parts: blue, white, and pink forget-me-nots, white and purple violets, ground ivy, wild strawberries, ferns, things I haven’t yet identified… plus, lilacs! My favourite!). From the new taco truck downtown to an unforgettable café mocha at Sweet Belgian Desire, I found delight in delectable treats week after week. (The tacos even helped dull the pain of being caught in a flash downpour during an 18km bike ride!).

Of all the good times, though, maybe the best one was the simplest. AG barbecued burgers and we ate them in the backyard, washed down with lemonade. As the sun set we had a bonfire and listened to the songbirds flitting overhead. It was the first of surely many such evenings.