Month in Review: March 2016

Okay I actually had a bunch of stuff that I wanted to post about in March and the month really got away from me! It started out with nearly two weeks away, with several days in Toronto and a full week in Iceland, which… I took over 5000 photos on that trip. I have plenty to share with you, but I’ve been sick as a dog since getting home and suffice to say the culling and editing part is DAUNTING. The trip was amazing though, every bit as epic and majestic as expected. (The weather was crazier than imagined.)

March marked six months in our new home, and I took a bunch of interior photos with an eye to share… but then we lucked into a hand-me-down piano, resulting in a total (and ongoing) furniture reassignment, so those photos are no longer relevant. Whoops. Plus, winter officially ended, and with it my first winter fun list – I have to say this really worked, because for the first time I felt like winter was not nearly long enough to accomplish everything I’d wanted to do!

With warmer weather on the horizon and my calendar for the rest of the year pretty much set, I’m thinking about offering mini portrait sessions in various cities for the first time ever. What do you say?