Month in Review: February 2016

February is the shortest month, but daaaang. It wasn’t my intention to let the whole month go by with almost complete radio silence, it just kind of happened. I shared Melanie + Jon’s winter wedding and did a second session with NBCCD, but beyond that it was pretty much all personal time! I bridged the gap with photographing my own family, as my grandmother is dying (she has deteriorated so much in the past 14 months). Frankly it was incredibly depressing to do, but I don’t think any of us will regret having those images in the future.

In more cheerful news, AG and I knocked a few things off our winter fun list (snowshoeing, visiting the ice caves, marathoned a show, I painted a room [FOUR COATS]) but also I’ve had to accept that with these bizarre temperatures we’ve been having, a good chunk of our list is going to be left over for next winter! Indeed, having the list has also contributed to my perception that winter is flying by… a nice feeling to have! Did some knitting, read some books, caught a movie, got an early start to the maple season by tapping a couple of trees, went antiquing. February, in retrospect, was in large part about indulging my not-so-inner Old. But hey, got Beyoncé tickets!