Month in Review: August 2015

I saw a dozen rainbows in August. Saw them in Bouctouche after AG & I trekked 25km in the sand along the dune. Saw them before, during, and after Amanda + Justin’s engagement shoot and Alicia’s family shoot. Saw them downtown while making our many trips across the walking bridge, and while driving hundreds of kilometres east and west. Saw them in ones and twos, here, there, and everywhere.

August was a big month. I shot and travelled – MonctonCambridgeNarrowsHalifaxWoodstockChipmanGlassvilleMintoPhew – and shared a lot. The end-of-July goodness: Amanda + Tony’s perfect unwedding celebration (complete with blueberry beer), Kate + Greg’s Irishtown hugathon engagement shoot, and Des + Brad’s epic Sackville party. I was on the go so much that I’ve only been able to share about half of what I photographed in August: the amazing Ahmadzadeh family & a return trip to this great family’s lake-side happy place, plus doing battle against swarms of blackflies during Kara + Kyle’s engagement session and the hot dance floor moves at Jenn + Kyle’s wedding! The rest is yet to come!

Meanwhile, AG & I had so many adventures! Lots of hiking (the dune, Maliseet Trail, Internment Camp trail, Dunbar Falls…). Seeing the Masterworks and catching Jaws under the stars (plus the Apollo 13 special feature at Cineplex because I love that movie). Taking the Gagetown ferry and finally figuring out the “beach” part of “Freddy Beach” with a swim at Killarney Lake. Finding ways to rendezvous with family; gorging on delicious eats at the North Side market! I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and immediately set to work rooting out anything that doesn’t spark joy. That’s very necessary, because maybe the biggest adventure of all is the one that’s had us constantly on the phone/in meetings/going off on visits/furiously cleaning our apartment/signing our names over and over again: AG & I bought a house! And in September, we get to move into it… right after we get back from our honeymoon.

Yeah, September is going to be pretty big, too.



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