Month in Review: February 2015

I only published one post in February — an updated look at my wedding albums. Two if you count January’s review post. That should give you a clue as to how magnificently leisurely February was. Client meetings, a photographer meetup, and one lovely shoot on the very last day of the month (coming soon!) got me out of the house. That said, it’s pretty hard to work up enthusiasm for shoots when there’s 6+ foot snowbanks and subfreezing temperatures the entire month, so I accepted my fate and turned to indoor activities.

For the second month in a row, we spent it entirely at home — practically unprecedented! — so knitting, visits with my niece, yoga, reading, the Oscars, restaurant trips, and recording the antics of our cat are just some of the ways I whiled away the hours. We finally booked our honeymoon (September! Peru!), so I’m learning Spanish with Duolingo. I tackled a “decluttering” challenge and managed to do every room, closet, and junk drawer in our home… except the one that needs it most. That, of course, is my office. Looking at you, March.