Month in Review: January 2015

I get asked a lot if I’m busy this time of year. Yes I am, although not with actual photography. After launching the new year with a flurry of end-of-2014 work and recaps, like Amanda & Ryan’s Halifax wedding, Carol & John’s New Year’s Eve celebration, and my Best of 2014 post, work has mostly turned inwards. I scored 37 check-marks on my to-do list, exciting tasks like updating info guides for new clients, registering my gear with Lenstag, updating some of my photography apps, ordering supplies, and revising my workflow. I know, fascinating, but I think that starting the year with a review of the business and being mindful of my goals puts me on good footing for the year ahead. It’s also nice that between the obscenely cold temperatures and seemingly non-stop snowstorms, I squeezed in two snowy engagement shoots as well: Jenn & Dan, and Erika & Phil.

That being said, in January we spent only one night away from home — the first time since November 2013!! Having that much free couch time has been truly luxurious, and I spent it reading books, watching Scandal, brunching and lunching with family and friends, knitting, admiring our wedding photos (even got around to sharing my favourite ideas stolen from you), snuggling with our new cat Sheta, and celebrating my birthday. We got some walks in, caught a movie, I donated 11 inches of my hair to charity, and yes, even got to yoga class a time or two.

I feel refreshed and, even though my to-do list is magically the same length it was at the beginning of the year, more ready than ever to tackle this coming year. First up is February… it’s tax time. I’m going to need that energy.