Summer Fun, Revisited

I… what? Summer happened, I know this to be true because I have photos dated 2014 in which the grass is green and so on. Yet it flew by, and part of me wants to claw it back. We had 31 items on our official list of summer super fun times, and actually accomplished a third of those things. Now some of those things we did again and again (like coo over our new niece), and some of those things got thwarted by weather (getting rained out of our only opportunities to catch Hamlet and an Under the Stars flick), and a few things that came up despite not being on the list (driving the Sunrise Trail, catching a FIFA game in Moncton,  one magical weekend where I spent two days in a row with friends), not to mention wedding planning, but still. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my summer, so much as I feel like I didn’t really stop to appreciate it, and if there’s a single lesson I learn again and again, it’s the importance of taking time to prioritize our lives, our interests, and our friends and family. The importance of simply getting outside, away from the computer, to let the sun shine on my face. We have a serious lead on next year’s list.

(^AG took this one. The Kilted Run marked the only time this summer I actually ran. Oops.)