What to Wear for Your Shoot: A Rough Guide

what to wear for photo shoot

Now that we’re officially in the summer season, engagement and family portrait shoots are coming fast & furious, and sometimes they come with the age-old question, “what do we wear?” The thing is, it’s hard to answer because it depends on you. Are you a casual, jeans-and-tee type person, or do you rock the business casual look 24/7? Ultimately your photo shoot outfits should be a reflection of who you are. My clients always do a great job of picking out outfits that look great on camera – hence the collage – and here are my top tips:


  • bring pops of colour, like accessories (necklaces, scarves, a set of bracelets – you can also switch them up)
  • keep the location in mind: if we’re traipsing through the woods, don’t dress for cocktail hour, and vice versa
  • keep each other in mind: everyone should be dressed to the same level of casual or fanciness
  • choose colours that play off each other, and tie into each other (such as in the family portraits above). bold colours & prints can look fantastic on camera.
  • wear comfortable shoes
  • bring a change of clothes for added variety


  • dress identically: you’re a couple/family, not a soccer team
  • drown yourself in baggy clothes: properly fitted items are much more flattering
  • wear sneakers, logo tees, or ball caps
  • bring tons of stuff to haul around with you – ideally leaves purses, bags, etc at home or in the car
  • sport big blocks of black and white, which tend to disappear on camera

That said — if you feel comfortable in it, if it compliments you and your personality, and it’s something you can move in… it’s probably great. I’ve put together an inspiration board to help show some items that work well in photos here. Questions or other tips? List them below!