Behind the Scenes: Fall & Winter 2013-2014

For Christmas, AG surprised me with a GoPro Hero camera. What’s the first thing I did with that sucker? Take it to some weddings, of course. With just two weeks to go until my wedding season begins anew, I figured I’d better sit down and put together the final product before it got to be old news. Big thanks to Molly & Andrew and Jared & Yolanda for being totally game for this — you’re awesome!

More photos of fall & winter 2013/2014 behind the scenes fun, under the cut!

Remember when I wrote about what to wear when it’s real #(*&%#*(@ cold? ^ Case in point.

With apologies to Alanis, I got one hand on my camera and the other one is carrying a champagne glass.

As always, photos by AG & I, plus special guest star Ebony, who joined us in the fun on NYE! (Previous editions here.)