New Maryland Wedding Photography: Rachel & Kev

When Rachel first wrote me, she admitted that she wasn’t originally planning to have a wedding photographer at all. She & Kev are super non-traditional, and really wanted nothing to do with traditional wedding stuff. In their own words:

“Our “wedding” is more like a party than a wedding. There’s no church, no procession, no bridesmaids or groomsmen, no vows, and no dance floor. I have a black glittery dress. We don’t even have rings. The theme is “sexy video game pixels.” We’re going to have 2 video game stations set up [and] a tray of bacon.”

They may not have been convinced about the wedding photographer thing, but I was sold immediately. It was a lovely evening, and their un-wedding delivered everything that was promised. Except the bacon.

Venue & Catering: C.I. Lounge and Cookin Services // Cake Artist: Decadence Fine Baked Goods // Hair & Make-up: Alison MacFarlane // Officiant: Barb Campbell