The Other Side

When we planned this trip, it was to roadtrip to Phoenix from Salt Lake City. That very nearly didn’t happen, as we missed a connecting flight in Denver. After 24 hours awake at that point, and not another flight for two days, I found myself standing in the customer service line, crying. Then suddenly through some serendipity the plane came back to the gate, we boarded, and the fun began!

The first day we spent the morning in Monument Valley, beautiful and quiet. We hadn’t bargained for how bitterly cold it was, though. That afternoon we hit the road to the Grand Canyon, arriving just in time to catch the sunset from the desert view watchtower, and decided to get up early the next morning to catch the sunrise.

The alarm went off at 6:30 am and we began layering clothing to brave the temperatures. Unfortunately I’d managed to lose my gloves overnight, but we ventured out anyway, arriving at Mather Point about 10 minutes before sunrise. It was a clear morning, and the sunrise was absolutely beautiful. We each took tons of photos. We were getting ready to walk to a new location when André asked how my hands were. I said “cold, can I wear your gloves?” and he reached into his pocket, said “maybe this will warm you up,” and put a ring in my hand.

I was astonished. I’d expected plenty of things from this trip, some of which I got and some I didn’t, but one thing I certainly hadn’t expected was for THAT to happen. I said “Oh my god!” and immediately burst into tears. After a few minutes of cry-hugging, I had to prompt André to say some specific words: he asked “will you marry me?,” I said “yes.”


I’ve not ever devoted that much mental space to imagining what our proposal might look like. I suppose I imagined that I might be wearing make-up, rather than my retainer. I didn’t imagine that André would be wearing a pair of pyjama pants under his regular pants. I didn’t imagine I’d ugly-cry forever, even though I really should have suspected as much. That’s us, though, real and unvarnished. We can’t imagine it happening any more beautifully, except perhaps if we’d had the foresight to shower.


I have so much more of this trip to share, but I thought that should be first. In retrospect, it’s a little bit funny that I was crying in an airport while André was sweating out a diamond ring in his pocket.

And yes, we know who we want our wedding photographer to be. Wedding planning, we’re working on it.