Month in Review: February 2014

Can I admit that I really just want February to be over? I didn’t imagine it would be this way – after all, when the month started we were already off on our great adventure to the American southwest, and on February 2 we got engaged. What a brilliant start to the month! And since we got home there’s been a flurry of wedding planning, Olympics-watching, and student lecture giving, but frankly it all fell apart at exactly the moment Dagobert died, and now I am just going through the motions. I miss him endlessly and on those moments I don’t, I realize that I’m not missing him and then I feel bad about it. Then we were hit by the double-whammy: learning that our other cat, Ophélie, now has the same disease. I want to walk it off, but the sidewalks are slick with ice; there’s nowhere to go. Literally, but figuratively, too.

I think of myself as a happy person and I know that it won’t be that long before I feel happy again. For the moment I can only focus on the good things that happened: photographing Rachelle & Stephen at the ranch in Wickenburg, Stephanie & Tyler’s engagement and Rachel & Kev’s wedding (both are coming soon!). Silly dogs who are all the same, whether they’re in the desert or in the snow. Clinking glasses of champagne while wearing jeans and polar fleece. A surprise excursion to a jazz concert, which was a lovely escape. The unbridled energy of our niece, who always seems happy to see us. Stephanie giving me a collection of Martha Stewart Weddings 8 years in the making, which now I get to thumb through and dream. The days are getting longer, and someday soon it will be warm again.



February in Review Kandise Brown