30 Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers in Canada [I’m One]

On Monday afternoon I got a huge thrill when Weddingbells tweeted that their annual list of top wedding photographers was live. I clicked over, squinted at all of the thumbnails through scary-movie-hands, and then spotted my image. There was squealing.

top wedding photographers kandise brown

To be quite honest, the night before I was updating my portfolio, and getting depressed. I find it hard to be objective about my work, and spending hours looking at my photos trying to decide which were the best and most perfect distillation of my style lead me to thinking that maybe in fact none of them were good at all. (You know, imposter syndrome.) So when I saw this, I was relieved. More than relieved. Impartial feedback is hard to come by in wedding photography, and Weddingbells is a great national website and magazine with a lot of credibility, so I’m enormously pleased/flattered/excited/bowled over to be included, and especially proud to be representing New Brunswick.

Thank you to all of my clients who have included André and I in your lives and celebrations. I’m not done trying to get better, and I’m definitely not done trying to make you laugh. I hope I live up to these bigger expectations this year!

best canadian wedding photographers kandise brown