2 New Projects & A Feature: Western Light, Maritime Weddings, and Saltscapes

Atlantic Canada Wedding feature photographer Kandise Brown

I’m so excited to announce the launch of two projects I’ve been working on for awhile:

Western Light is a new art project by myself and a group of amazing photographers I’m proud to call colleagues and friends. We have been supporting each other in life and in business for quite awhile now, and decided that we wanted to do something together as a group. Weekly posts of street/life/travel photography will illustrate how the seasons come and go in different parts of the world. Follow us on Facebook here!

Maritime Weddings is a blog that used to be run by Amy Brandon, but had been silent for a few years. I decided that I was sick of hearing about weddings in the Maritimes being “quaint” and that we needed a not-awful blog, so I took it over last year, hired Up Up Creative to do the beautiful new brand identity, and have just started posting. It’s a lot of work in addition to my photography business and this blog, but I hope that soon it will grow to be a great resource for couples in the Maritimes, and I’m looking forward to sharing a lot of weddings. To do that, though, I need a lot of submissions, so if you’re a photographer or a couple, send me your wedding! Follow Maritime Weddings on Facebook here.

Lastly, a print feature! The Jan/Feb 2014 issue of Saltscapes has a cover story called “Home, Heart & Family: 13 reasons to tie the knot Atlantic-Canada style” which includes extensive quoting from two of my couples, Jill & Fen and Julie & Josh, as well as one of my images from Julie & Josh’s wedding. The issue is for sale now, so check it out!