Bring It Downtown 2013: The Video

My downtown dollars are spent, my photos are edited, I have come alive!

I thought about aliveness, and what contributes to a live well-lived. Health, education, food, family, community, the home… and I brought it all together by attempting to learn something new with my first stop-motion video, because what better way to “come alive” than through the magic of animation?:

(Details under the cut)

1. My adventure began with a trip to the hot yoga studio — my one year anniversary just passed, as I signed up during last year’s campaign — to start my day of with some sweat and a fresh mind. I didn’t spend any downtown dollars here since I now have my own membership, but I *DO* have something from the studio on my wishlist. Health.

2. Picked up a new book of holiday songs for guitar at Tony’s Music Box. I’ll be honest, my original concept for the video was to record the music myself, but after making several attempts at Garage-Banding my clumsy plucking of “A Holly Jolly Christmas,” I decided to save you all and simply download a royalty-free Christmas track. Learning. Slowly, slowly learning.

3. I had a pleasant lunch by myself of Mujadarah at Cedar Tree Café (feeling a bit silly while attempting to take my stop-motion pics, I might add), and in the evening a date with AG at Chez Riz. In between the two we also attended the two downtown Christmas tree lightings, including marching along with the band and Santa in the parade down Queen Street. And, since I’m lucky enough to have plenty to eat, I went to Victory Meat Market and used $20 of my downtown dollars on purchasing food to donate to the Fredericton Food Bank. Food and community. Love.

4. At Room2Remember I caught a deal on exactly the thing I’d been wanting to buy — curtain rods! We’ve now finally replaced our broken venetian blinds with proper curtains, and light is once again flooding into our rooms and lives. Home.

5. Celebrating the season with Grimross Brewing, a wonderful addition to the downtown beer scene. AG & I love trying new beers, and I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve tried from Grimross so far. Which, um, is everything. Fun.

6. Actual holiday shopping! I don’t want to post spoilers, but I got a great gift at Room2Remember Kidz for someone on my list and another beautiful thing at Savour Décor for someone else (hint: spoiler in the pictures above). Tis the season!