Month in Review: October 2013

Oh, family portrait season! Like a supernova you burn bright and fast. I shared the Burtts; Sarah, Blair and Tessa; Melissa, Kelly and Caleb; the Nicholases; the Ryans; and the Dawe family; as well as Ceilah’s part-grad, part-family shoot. I love family portrait sessions – they’re light and loose, and the different ages and personalities of families make each shoot a fun challenge for finding images. Just because the leaves are nearly all off the trees doesn’t mean the fun has to stop, folks! I shoot family sessions all winter, and would love to do more snowy-themed sessions in the winter to come.

Besides family shoots? I shared Jared & Yolanda’s engagement session, and John & Kelly’s St. Andrews wedding, as well as a look behind the scenes at my 2013 summer wedding season. I ordered albums; was spotted downtown with a very large and merry elf in tow; met my new mentee; gave the first of two (the second is this afternoon) lectures to the business class at NBCCD; client meetings from King Street to Beijing; and… I have to admit it really made my day to have an image included in this Daily Mail story about Brides Throwing Cats.

The only personal post I shared was images from our Thanksgiving weekend and trip to Minister’s Island, so how else did we spend the month? AG & I did a belated anniversary thing by booking a hotel with a jacuzzi in St. Andrews; watching all of Freaks & Geeks; going on some epic bike rides and reading in the park; seeing Gravity (LOVED IT); putting the final nail in summer’s coffin by picking up our last CSA veggie box of the year; and okay yes, we went to an antique show and spent one wild Saturday night reorganizing our bookshelves. This is the glamorous life of which I’ve dreamed, folks.

Finally, I participated in the 30 Day Challenge at Moksha Yoga Fredericton. That’s 30 practices in 30 days, and since I signed up a few days late AND missed Thanksgiving weekend, catching up became a singular goal. By the end of the month I was doing yoga twice, even three times a day… but I did it. When you work for yourself, there are relatively few stringently applied external goals and deadlines – meaning, though I have goals and deadlines, I set them myself – and this was the first time in a very long time that I committed myself so fully to something that was 100% about me, even though it wasn’t convenient. No one benefits from – or cares about – whether or not I do yoga, except for me. The result: feeling indulgent, extravagant, the adrenalin rush that comes with pushing outside your typical boundaries and expectations. Glorious. I’m going to keep doing it. I’m going to keep doing ALL of this.