McAdam Train Station

I have been thinking lately about personal projects. (There is some prestige in the photography world to have a personal project outside the foundation of your business.) I have been thinking about them, looking for a subject. Something that appeals to me; something that I can approach in my own way; something that will bring me joy. And importantly, something that won’t run counter to the rather strong anti-plagiarism instilled in me by 20 years of great teachers.

In much the same way your special abilities don’t seem special to you because it’s just… something you do, I’ve come to the realization that my personal project is something that I’ve been doing all along, just without the prestige moniker that may have come with a trip to art school. Since I moved back to New Brunswick in 2009 and started my photography business, my personal project has documenting the adventures I have around the province and the Maritimes – the history, the landscapes, the culture – and, increasingly, sharing them with you.

Recently we visited the McAdam Train Station. You can get married there! My only regret is that since we visited on Saturday, we didn’t get any railway pie (Sundays only). Learn from my mistake, and check it out for yourself.