Horse Races, Berry-Picking, Kayaking and More (Summer Fun in New Brunswick)

The last weekend in July, AG and I found ourselves at home and free of photo shoots, so it was an opportunity to knock a few more items off the summer fun list. It started with running the Highland Games 5K on Friday evening with friends (and even though they both smoked me, I still recorded my best time in years). Saturday we did horse races, where an afternoon of betting saw me home with $2 in net winnings, and the first of two visits to Hyla Park, where we saw absolutely no creatures. Sunday to berry-picking at Sunset U-Pick, and extending the weekend feeling by kayaking up the Nashwaak Stream on Monday. Later that week we made our second trip to Hyla Park, where we joined a bunch of infants on a frog walk, and finally spotted some creatures.

(Turns out it’s difficult to capture horse-racing action with a point and shoot camera.)

(Later I made my first ever batch of jam, followed shortly by my second and third ever batches of jam.)

(Dining al fresco… in boats!)

(Let the record show that *I* found that frog. The snake though… well, no one told me there’d be snakes.)