Bathurst Wedding Photography: Leigh & John

St. Hubert and a break for beer and pizza. A shoe budget. Daddy’s girl. (But Mom’s girl, too, really.) Something blue: “I <3 John” written in ballpoint pen. Walking along the train tracks (their idea). Burberry pedicures. A bouquet malfunction. Wine and books. The kissing game. Save a horse, ride a cowboy. Red lipstick that got on everything… but mostly on John. A puppy named Love. Smoke machine. “You’re My Best Friend.” And a parking lot surprise.

Huge congratulations to Leigh & John – you two are awesome, and you (and your great friends!) made our first trip to northern New Brunswick a great success. So glad we found each other. Hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon in South Korea!

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Chal-Baie, Beresford // Officiant: Lyne Raymond // Hair: Joanne Lebel, Studio Dudes & Divas // Shoes: Valentino // Photography: Kandise Brown.