30 Before 30: The Finish Line

My 30th birthday was yesterday, and it was excellent. I have to admit that while I’m usually against this, it kind of became a multi-day event, between getting my first ever mani/pedi (for the list!) on Friday, bowling and drinks with friends on Saturday, quiet times with AG on Sunday (who surprised me with a homemade pound cake and tickets to the Fleetwood Mac tour!), finished up by lunch with my grandparents.

Yesterday was also the deadline for my 30 before 30 list.  I did pretty well overall: my list had lofty items and superficial items, and I managed to check off two-thirds of it while also having the busiest year of my career so far.

30 BEFORE 30

1. Get re-certified in CPR. (01/2013)
I just did this last week, through St. John Ambulance. The Emergency First Aid class is a one-day commitment, and it runs constantly, so go out and get certified, too!
2. Run a 5K from start to finish.
Alas. Maybe I just have to accept that I am a born sprinter. I ran intervals up to 10 km this year, but the one long run continues to elude me.
3. Run 1000 km.
Oh I wanted this. I wanted this probably more than anything else, but I didn’t focus enough on it early in the year. Catching up meant that by November I was exhausting myself with regular 2+ hour outings, and constantly starving! I did make it to 782km, though!
4. Get a mani/pedi. (01/2013)
A big splurge for me. I’m perfectly competent at painting my own nails, but the experience was so decadent!
5. Have a picnic. (07/2012)
After kayaking around the bay at Kouchibouguac National Park, AG and I pulled our boats onto the beach, and had a picnic of bread, wine, and cheese. That is a wonderful memory from the year.
6. Travel to anywhere not on this continent.
Not this year! I did WAY more domestic travel than anticipated: Las Vegas, Boston, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Montréal, and Halifax (twice), plus smaller trips around New Brunswick, including St. Stephen, Fort Beauséjour, Saint John, St. Martins and St. Andrews (twice each), Cape Enrage, Woodstock, and 9 trips to Moncton. All told, we did over 23,500 km roundtrip… and that’s about half-way around the world. 
7. Do a road trip. (08/2012)
We roadtripped to Boston in the spring and did a big tour of St. Andrews/Halifax/Cote-Sainte-Anne in August. 
8. Go to Toronto. (04/2012)
Possibly my favourite thing I did all year was surprise AG with a trip to Toronto and the Blue Jays home opener for his birthday. We had a great time… so great, that he surprised me with a trip to Toronto and the Fleetwood Mac concert for my birthday.
9. Drink a cocktail poolside in Vegas. (02/2012)
The pools were closed in Vegas, so being a circumstance beyond my control, I had wine at the Eiffel Tower restaurant instead, and called it good.
10. Write a will. (01/2013)
Done! A morbid task, but I guess that was the point.
11. Rewatch all of the Lord of the Rings movies in anticipation of The Hobbit. (12/2012)
I rewatched all of the Lord of the Rings movies over the holidays, and then saw The Hobbit on New Year’s Day. I remember being so blown away by the LotR special effects ten years ago, and it’s funny to think of The Hobbit eventually showing its age as much as those movies do now. Aragorn’s still got it, though.
12. (Re-)Learn to sew.
I *almost* got around to this one, but no. The main thing I want to learn is how to do a simple stitch with my sewing machine so that I can stop fixing holes by hand. In theory this shouldn’t take long…
13. Finish writing my business plan.
In exactly the way all the “write your business plan” books say it will happen, I got too busy actually working my business to write the plan. My goal is to tackle and finish this before May.
14. Rebrand my business. (06/2012)
Done! And it feels so good.
15. Have a photography exhibit or showing.
I gave this goal exactly zero thought over the course of the year. 
16. Get published in a magazine. (04/2012)
I photographed the lovely Kristin for the May 2012 issue of FASHION Magazine. 
17. Get my film developed.
A serious case of the cobbler’s children having no shoes, if you notice that I didn’t pursue ANY of my personal photography goals… 
18. Do 50 pushups. (01/2013)
I still have the upper body strength of a goldfish, so I cheated and used an exercise ball. To make up the difference, I did 70 pushups. The next day, I did the CPR class, and hundreds of chest compressions. I couldn’t lift my arms for the next three days.
19. Watch a sports game live. (04/2012)
Blue Jays home opener! It was awesome until they lost.
20. Clean out all of the closets. (12/2012)
It took all year, but I’ve gone through every closet in the house, plus our kitchen cupboards, to pare down our belongings. We donated dozens of bags this year. In some respects, all I want is less. 
21. Organize and store all my photographs.
Well, this is embarrassing. 
22. Finish a rug project (that I started over a decade ago). (12/2012)
I DID IT. I finished at 2 am on Christmas Day and gave it to my mom. 
23. Refinish our bedroom dressers.
I should have done this during the heatwave in March. The rest of the year we were away so much that I couldn’t commit to dragging the dressers outside and etc. Not having a workshop did not help.
24. Win 5 first-place ribbons in the FREX knitting competition.
I won *three* first-place ribbons.
25. Design and publish two knitting patterns.
I designed and published *one* knitting pattern. 
26. Take a class or an edVenture. (03/2012)
I took several classes: a guitar class, a wine appreciation class, even an etiquette seminar. 
27. Get a different haircut. (11/2012)
I have to accept that I do not have enough hair to do anything significantly different with it. 
28. Try a new food. (05/2012)
I did some photography for Downtown Fredericton at Brewbakers in the early summer, and tried the rabbit pot pie. Tastes like chicken!
29. Kayak in The Caves at St. Martins. (09/2012)
Another of my favourite adventures of the year. We went to St. Martins twice in one weekend to get this done, and it was absolutely worth it. 
30. Read 30 books. (12/2012)
I read 31 books this year. 

The items I didn’t manage to check off I’ll push forward, but this year is going to be all about tiny, manageable goals. I’ve gone hard this past year, pursuing some things with such single-minded focus that I couldn’t slow down to actually enjoy any of the achievements. As much as I want to do bigger and better this year, I also want to strive for balance. I’m anticipating having jaw surgery in the first third of the year, plus wedding photography is taking me on a tour of the country (including my first destination wedding!), so to handle that I know I will have to be kind to myself and take on less. Less can be more.

What are your goals for the year?