2012 Accomplishments & 2013 Goals | Canadian Wedding Photographer Kandise Brown

150+ blog posts, 24 portrait sessions. 17 engagement sessions. 16 features and appearances. 12 weddings. 8 commissions. 6 conferences and workshops. 5 cities. (Las Vegas, Boston, Toronto, Montréal, Halifax)… and 1 rebranding.

It adds up to one really big year.

 (It also adds up to almost three times as much work as I did in 2011. No wonder I felt busy.)

Thank you. Thank you for choosing me, for following me, for supporting me.

I’m pinching myself daily. When I shared my behind the scenes post, a friend commented on how I’m smiling in almost every shot. Three years ago I had a job that frequently sent me home in tears. I was bullied, undermined, frustrated. Two years ago I left. I was excited but also scared out of my mind. This past year has been a revelation: overwhelming at times, but so satisfying. Now my job makes me laugh, and I come home with a smile. Thank you for giving me reasons to smile.

Big things conquered: rebranding my business; simplifying my packaging; creating a written workflow and task manager to keep me on track; upgrading my photography kit; tackling off-camera lighting; blogging more frequently; delivering each wedding in under 8 weeks. I spoke at a wedding show, gave two lectures at the College of Craft and Design, was interviewed by Startup Kitchen, attended WPPI.

Big struggles: being impatient, even while knowing that slow and steady wins the race; comparing myself to other photographers (and always finding me lacking); feeling like I needed to say “yes” to every opportunity; being so fixated on my photography goals that I let other parts of my life be neglected.

In 2013, I will slow down, take a deep breath, and focus on my path. I will vacation without guilt. I will not stay up until 3 am editing photos, or mistake being busy for being successful. I will be a person first and a photographer second.

The irony is that if I can do that, I truly think it will make me a better photographer… and that’s my biggest goal for 2013. I’m really proud of the way my work has developed this year, and I can push myself harder to improve. Now that I have the systems, the equipment, and the experience, all that’s left is to work with the clients who really get me, and make beautiful images with them.

So here we go! Onward. Upward.