Month in Review: November 2012

November was not a slow month.

I shared my final wedding of the summer season, Rachel & Griffin, and by the end of the month all the furious editing paid off when I finished all of my 2012 wedding editing. I’m looking forward to Meaghan & Kelly’s wedding on New Year’s Eve, but other than that, it’s portrait editing and office work from here on out! Speaking of portraits, I shared engagement sessions with Heather & Randy, Leigh & John, Melissa & Chris, family portraits with Bridget, Steve, and their girls, and photographer headshots with Caro, and photographed two more family sessions that I will be sharing soon!

A business note: in order to get all my 2012 work done before the end of the year (and to be able to have a least a couple of days of work-free peace over the holidays) I have closed my calendar for the rest of the year, so anyone looking for sessions now will be scheduled for mid-January and beyond. 

What else? I shared an autumn photowalk, trip to Motts Landing Vineyard (try the Prairie Star!), and AG and I made our second (annual?) trip to Montréal. I also appeared on Startup Kitchen’s TV show with the interview I recorded a few weeks ago. In personal news, thanks to the try-something-new encouragement of Bring It Downtown, I’ve started taking hot yoga classes at Moksha Yoga (it’s early yet, but so far I’m into it!). AG & I have been doggedly working at getting caught up on popular TV, watching the first seasons of Sherlock and The Walking Dead; and I even put up my Christmas tree!

For December, I’m looking forward to finishing up all of my photo work for the year, doing a lot of yoga, prepping for the holidays, spending time with family and friends, and hopefully knocking a few last minute things off my 30 before 30. But will it be slow?