Bring It Downtown 2012 | Fredericton Photographer Kandise Brown

I did it! It took some thinking to come up with a few places in Downtown Fredericton that I haven’t previously checked out or experienced in some way, but I found some! It was a bit like a treasure hunt, and I had a great time. (Of course I also had to stop by some favourite stores, like Urban Almanac, Yarns on York, Savour Décor, and Geek Chic). The full line-up is under the cut!

1. Yoga Nirvana

I’ve had my eye on Yoga Nirvana for awhile, but somehow have never stopped in. AG usually comes home and makes me lunch, so on those days he has work meetings, I’m left foundering. Instead of having a reheated frozen dinner, I went to the resto bar and had a sundried tomato hummus wrap and salad, followed up by a chocolate coconut “bliss ball.” Since the menu at YN is all organic and vegetarian, I went home feeling very healthy and ready for an afternoon of photo editing. Delicious! As a bonus… the dining area at Nirvana is so lovely I might go back just to DO my photo editing there!

2. Moksha Yoga

All yoga content! (Kidding.) Downtown Fredericton has a ton of new or new-to-me yoga & fitness studios, and I could have chosen any of them to try a new exercise – Yoga Nirvana, Dynamic Fitness, Crossfit. Moksha Yoga was really popular when I lived in Halifax, but I didn’t try it then, so I was excited to try it now. Also, I’ve done yoga before, but not hot yoga. New experiences! I used my downtown dollars to buy an intro-month pass (which is a fantastic deal at $40 for unlimited classes), and I’ve gone every day this week. I’m loving it! The sweating makes me feel like I’ve really accomplished something.

 3. Endeavours/ThinkPlay & Monkeycakes

Technically I’ve been to Endeavours/ThinkPlay before… more than once… but it’s where the cupcakes live! Downtown Fredericton has had an influx of purveyors of cupcakes this year, between Artful Persuasion, Monkeycakes, and Sweet Life, and I’m on a mission to try them all. I can report that the chocolate raspberry cupcake is delicious… and I also picked up a gift from ThinkPlay!

4. Eloise Ltd.

Next stop: Eloise Ltd. I’ll be honest – I’ve never checked out this store before mainly because I always thought the target audience was a bit older than me. I was wrong about that! There is tons of cool stuff, from leggings, scarves, beautiful vintage-style knit gloves, jewelry… all kinds of things! And tons of clothes, obviously. In the end, I gravitated towards these glass icicles that were dressed like my website (and myself, that particular day). They look fantastic on my tree.

5. Pretty Little Freak Boutique

I stopped by Pretty Little Freak Boutique to check it out for the first time. I love the way the store is styled, with deep purple and lots of black & white stripes, and it’s paradise for anyone who is really into shoes! Strangely enough, there was also a display of mini perfume bottles which gave me a complete flashback to my childhood…

6. Aitkens Pewter

Aitkens Pewter is practically a Fredericton landmark, and somehow I had never been inside. Maybe it’s the festive spirit in me, but I ended up gravitating towards the Christmas ornaments (as is so often the case). After investigating a few, I came away with an ornament that is the perfect addition to my collection – I’ll show it off in another post! But later, when AG saw the photo of the robot ornament, he made a puppy dog face and said “you didn’t get that one?”… so I’ll probably be back.

7. Sweet Life

For the record, while I *do* have a sweet tooth that just won’t quit, the visits to Yoga Nirvana, Monkeycakes, and Sweet Life were all on different days. (So there!) I ended my Bring It Downtown adventure the same way it began – with something tasty to enjoy. I had a simple chocolate/chocolate cupcake (chocolate is always the right choice), and it was moist and delicious. Yum.

And that’s it! I spent my 100 Downtown Dollars on experiences from sweet and fleeting (cupcakes) to sweaty and hopefully long-term (hot yoga). I bought a few gifts for others, memories for myself, and as always, enjoyed seeing what’s available right outside my door.