Thanksgiving | Fredericton Photographer Kandise Brown

I’ve been feeling ill for a few days now, but woke up today with full-blown laryngitis! I think about it whenever I’m writing, because my written voice doesn’t change. Maybe for full realism, I should be writing everything like this…

Yesterday AG & I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time ever! We’d never even cooked a turkey before this, so it was exciting and a bit nerve-wracking, making sure we had all the ingredients, but also the necessary tools (hello new roasting pan and baster), while trying to time everything correctly. Since some of my family was visiting our place for the first time, we also went on a bit of a cleaning spree. Finally, armed with a beginner’s enthusiasm and all the influence of Pinterest, I spent Sunday night creating a menu and place cards.

In the end it came together perfectly. (Okay, the turkey was slightly overcooked, but what can you do). Everything was delicious, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We were asked who deserved the credit for all the work that went into the day, and I answered honestly that it was a team effort – and it really was. A short list of the roles AG has taken on this weekend include second shooter, chaffeur, cook, scout, gopher, doctor, barista. He baked pies and mopped the kitchen floor at midnight. And when the guests had left and the food was packed away and dirty dishes were piled to the ceiling, he remained. Remains. For that, I am very thankful.