Moncton Wedding Photography: Lisa & Ange

This was a beautiful day. Okay, it was raining, but no less beautiful for that.

Henry the ringbearing dog (relieved of his duties shortly before the wedding due to excitement). Mimosas. Some handy tissues. A shoe game (a softball-and-spatula game) that went where no shoe game has gone before! Wine charms and hand-painted Mason jars. “1-2-3 lesbian wedding!” Standing-ovation-earning catering by Tide & Boar. The Boxer. Tom Cruise: “crazy, but still hot.” Four dresses. Friends from far and wide.

And yes I took some of these from inside a closet.

Lisa & Ange: you are lovely people, inside and out. I keep pinching myself, so lucky I feel to have been part of your wedding day. Yes, we are so tight now that AG ate the rest of Ange’s steak. That’s family. And now you’re married. Enjoy!


Ange’s Hair: Nakai Spa Salon // Ange’s Make-up: Debby Clements // Lisa’s Hair and Make-up: Casino Spa // Ceremony and Reception Venue: Family Home // Catering: Tide & Boar // Coordination: Dale Cormier // Officiant: Janice Melanson // DJ: RC Entertainment // Photography: Kandise Brown.