Moncton Portrait Photography: Carly & Janice

My friends Carly & Janice have been promising (or threatening?) to hire me for a few years now… and it finally happened! Since they’re in Halifax and I’m in Fredericton, we made Moncton our middle ground. I was a little worried the day of – AG and I had to time our drive just right to make our 7:30 pm shoot time, and we ran into some rain along the way. Fortunately we arrived at exactly the right time, the light held and the rain held… and downtown Moncton was completely overrun by the Harley-Davidson Owners Group rally. We hadn’t planned for that.

This is the craziest environment I’ve ever had a portrait session in, and… I loved it. Carly & Janice – see, I told you it wasn’t hard. You both look awesome… and I hope you’re at excitement level 10! xoxo.