Magaguadavic Portrait Photography: Sue’s Birthday | New Brunswick Photographer Kandise Brown

I don’t photograph birthday parties very often. I don’t think there’s any surprise in that. But every now and then I get an inquiry that just sounds interesting, and I’m inclined to do something a little out of the norm. This was one of those times.

AG and I drove down to Magaguadavic Lake to capture Sue’s birthday party and family reunion. It was a surprise for Sue, and we were welcomed with open arms – these are some of the warmest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Even better, they gave me free rein to explore the property and photograph whatever I wanted, however I wanted. I felt like it was my birthday! (We even got cake!)

But it wasn’t my birthday, it was Sue’s birthday. Sue, you are clearly awesome and well-loved. I’m so glad I got to capture the joy of your family! Happy birthday!