Currently Reading: “The Happiness Project”

Right now I am reading “The Happiness Project.” It almost seems to have been written for me; I can certainly identify with author Gretchen Rubin’s sense that perhaps she has not been getting maximum enjoyment out of her life. Not because of lack of goodness or health or luck, but simply because in the moment it is often easier to focus on that one nagging thing that is bothersome, rather than the wealth of easy living that surrounds it. To be more appreciative in the moment, and to put everything in perspective.

Being someone who craves lists, I have a feeling that there’s a Happiness Project in my future, but for right now I am simply trying to be more present. To appreciate that I get to do a job I love; to be part of something special; to make people happy. And the next day, when everything aches, to not focus on that point but instead: to truly enjoy the feeling of floating in the water, with the warm summer sun beating down. Knowing that my family is near, healthy and happy. To dry off with a good book.