The Design Process: Logo Design | Fredericton Wedding Photographer Kandise Brown

Yesterday was an exciting day. Given the 9 month incubation period, it was like birthing this project, complete with the crazy emotions. You guys absolutely blew up my inbox yesterday, with words so encouraging and so kind I was moved nearly to tears on more than one occasion. Now that this baby is out in the world, I thought I’d talk a bit about the process that led to here.

In my previous post I talked about the impetus for changing my business name; the next step was to define my brand. Philosophically and visually. The things I value from a business perspective are the same things I value in my photography: simplicity, clarity, authenticity. The challenge was to represent that in a meaningful and cohesive way. The first thing I did was start pinning:



The second thing I did was hire Julie Green of Up Up Creative to create my new logo. Since my logo is the most fundamental representation of me, I knew I had to get it right. After all, my logo is the first thing to convey who I am and what I do. My logo informs my website design.

I found Julie through A Practical Wedding (the site I also advertise on), so I knew from the get-go that she believes in the same things as me and that she does amazing work. Using my pinboard – a giant mess of things I love; everything from graphic design to outfits to the chair I sit on every day is there – a questionnaire, and some form of alchemy Julie extracted the key design components (sleek, graphic, text-based) and introduced some new elements in the form of a tagline and graphic accent. Julie came up with “canada + beyond.” Julie introduced the arrow. We went through three rounds of revisions to make sure the final design was the perfect fit for me (and note: Julie, being awesome, totally nailed it on the second round. I haven’t included the third round here, since it was just me being pedantic.)



(All art is copyright Up Up Creative. No stealing. That includes the discarded proofs.)


By the way, I love how she described my logo to me, so I’d like to share it with you:

 “…the small addition of the arrow adds so much movement, momentum, and even power to what was already a strong graphic statement. plus it plays into the ‘beyond’ idea and the thought that you’re going places. and also since you do weddings, there is the cupid tie-in, which is so subtle it’s almost subliminal.”

Okay, less subliminal now that I’ve told you, but… AMAZING, RIGHT? She sold me hard.

The final product is a simple yet compelling visual identity that manages to be at once something that is exactly who I am, and exactly who I want to be.


I’m absolutely crazy about it. Next I’ll talk about the website design process, but first I need to edit some photos!