The Design Process: Deliverables

This is probably not the traditional way to do things, but the second thing I did in the process of rebranding my business was, after receiving the final art on my new logo, to proceed directly to buying new business cards and other press products, as well as concern myself with packaging my product. Packaging isn’t something I’m super obsessed with, but I am a master craftswoman when it comes to wrapping Christmas gifts, and I do believe in the power of putting one beautiful thing inside another beautiful thing, so my hope is to add a bit of cheer and excitement when my wedding clients are receiving their final products!

Some of this stuff has been sitting in my closet waiting for its time to shine for months now, so finally here it is!

All of my discs come packaged inside these glassine bags that sparkle with the addition of Japanese washi tape. You’ll notice that the tape matches the graphics on the front page of my website, and that’s no accident – I had sent my brilliant designers Super Runaway these images, and they adopted the design into my site!

Something I’m really excited about on a personal level is my new silkscreened DVDs. A lot of photographers are moving away from discs now, and providing either thumb drives or purely digital downloads. For me, even though admittedly discs seem to be going the way of the dodo, I like being able to provide a tangible product, and something that’s a bit more substantial (and less easily lost) than a flash drive. That said, who knows what I’ll be looking forward to doing by the time my supply of discs runs out!

Another reason I’m excited is that up until now I’ve been printing out the labels for my discs and applying them by hand – it was a four-step process that seems easy enough but actually was wrought with opportunities for error, and the final product wasn’t where I wanted it to be, anyway. The silkscreening looks fantastic, and has made my life so much easier!

Lastly, all my paper goods! I’m a sucker for a consistent brand identity, so I hope you’ll enjoy the greeting cards, business cards, and address labels. I’m so glad I finally get to use them.